expired [PC] Free - Seek Love (Was $7.45) @ Microsoft


In the mood for some love?

This game is currently on Steam for $7.50. It is a new game with no user reviews though two curators have listed the game as "recommended".

Not sure whether this game will work on Steam or XB1.

Phoebus and Venus have met each other an old time ago. For a long time, in the heart of Phoebus, he has always loved Venus, but they have not seen each other for a long time. By chance, they met, and Phoebus finally expressed his love to Venus. But Venus said to Phoebus: "I can only come back if you find your true love." Thus, Phoebus…

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  • +2 votes

    Approximate size 14.7 GB

    14.7 GB for a platformer? 🤔

    though two curators have listed the game as "recommended".

    One of those 2 curators is the joke account "The Bat-Man", where every review is "Because I'm Batman!”. 🤣

    Thanks for another freebie, OP. Good bot.