Free - Speed Camera Alerts in Google Maps

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Not sure where to post this; thought I'd post it here as a separate paid app would have been required if you used Google Maps.

As reported, Google Maps is finally getting some of the features that made Waze popular.

UPDATE: Jan. 18, 2019, 5:09 p.m. PST We confirmed Google Maps is starting to roll out the ability to see speed cameras and speed limits on the mobile app. Speed cameras will post for users in the UK, U.S., Australia, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, India, and Indonesia, while speed limits will post throughout the U.S., UK, and Denmark.

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    IS TRAPSTER still around?


    Offline Maps and Navigation for Android is my go to say nav. It’s almost same as Sygic but free


    I don't have this showing on my Google Maps.


    Started in Google Maps before Xmas for me.

    I have been able to report Mobile speed cameras the same as Waze.

    There is a button pops up while driving to report Police. It then stays grey for 5 minutes or so (can't report), I guess to stop spamming ?


    Tom tom speed cameras is an app you run concurrently with Google maps and works only with android. Free as well . I did see Google maps asking is a fixed camera still there prompt on the weekend so this confirms what is happening.

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    …or you know you could just grab a proper detector that does the job better……that may even jam the signal too if you're so inclined…..or paint your plates with those reflective dye things….also works too….just don't drive near/in front of a copper so they won't notice….


      Where to start with this comment…

      1) if you think speed cameras are for revenue saving, then speed elsewhere and keep under the limit at cameras and save your money.

      2) if you think cameras are good for safety of others and yourself, then why would you need a detector or jammer (which is illegal at least in NSW)

      3) reflective dyes? Again illegal at least in NSW with a $400 fine rising up to $2000 if you end up in court. All this to speed wherever you please?

      4) or just don't drive near police? What fantastic advice. I will make sure to break laws away from the authorities. How would you even manage that?

      Thank god you are in Perth so I will never share a road with you