Free - Speed Camera Alerts in Google Maps

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Not sure where to post this; thought I'd post it here as a separate paid app would have been required if you used Google Maps.

As reported, Google Maps is finally getting some of the features that made Waze popular.

UPDATE: Jan. 18, 2019, 5:09 p.m. PST We confirmed Google Maps is starting to roll out the ability to see speed cameras and speed limits on the mobile app. Speed cameras will post for users in the UK, U.S., Australia, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, India, and Indonesia, while speed limits will post throughout the U.S., UK, and Denmark.

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    Yeah but can I collect cool candy while driving?

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    Anyone else having issues with Waze whereby they have difficulties obtaining a GPS signal? I've never had the same problem using Google Maps (even in the same location) and if not for this issue would stick with Waze.

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      Sometimes this happens to me. I have to go to recents and kill the app (swipe it away) and then go in again. I find the startup of Waze quite annoying. I also don't like that mostly it doesn't seem to let you navigate to a street number, just a random spot it picks on the street. And yeah, candy, like I'm some 5 year old?? However, I do really like that it can show the speed limit and my current speed on screen.

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      Every morning… "Searching for network".

      Sometimes she never finds the network, but somehow I still arrive at work :(

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    For speed limits and cameras I'm used to use Here Maps.


    Got notified of mobile speed cameras while using maps in Perth last week. Was pleasantly surprised to say the least.


    OP is this something that will update in google maps automatically or one has to purchase any separate app?

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    What's the deal here?


    Would be handy for driving areas you're not used to.


    It's all user generated guys… So don't expect it to be great unless everyone is contributing.

    Hopefully it automatically sources the locations from Waze and doesn't rely on seperate reports by Google maps users as I'd say most Google maps users are more passive and wouldn't be actively reporting.


      Waze has "fixed" speed/red light cameras programmed into the map itself. These aren't "user reported" (unless a user has edited the map and published it). For mobile speed cameras, these don't exist on Waze, unless you use the "Report Police" button.

      Only the fixed cameras will show on Google Maps. Any reports like hazards or live police won't be shown on Google Maps, and Google Maps users can't report them.


        I've never understood how you're meant to use Waze to report things while you drive. Do you just tap a buttons somewhere?

        I thought it was against the law to even touch your GPS while driving.

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          There is a yellow button on the bottom right in Waze which brings up a menu to report different kind of things.

          I am not sure of the laws exactly. My understanding (at least for VIC) is that your phone must be in a holder, and in either GPS or Music operation mode. While in these "modes", it is treated the same as if you're adjusting the aircon or radio. You're still allowed to press buttons, but can't use things like text messages etc.

          I guess this is the same kind of thing why Taxi's are still able to press buttons on their booking systems while driving.


            @philhawthorne: Taxis. The last time I was in one, the guy had 3 phones on top of his little screen that lists jobs.


            @philhawthorne: It's actually not legal to touch the phone or gps units when you're in traffic (driving, stopped at lights, etc). That includes touching any part of it when in navigation or music mode. The distinction with phone calls, navigation and music mode is against text, email, and other non voice communication services. To change music tracks you can use Bluetooth steering wheel controls or the controls on your music system. Navigation requires stopping out of traffic flow.

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          Waze supports voice commands.
          Such as
          "ok Waze…report object on road"
          "Ok Waze…report police hidden"
          "Ok Waze…report minor crash"

          Amongst other things


          It is not currently illegal to have a passenger


        Yeah, that's not quite correct. Google Maps has a "Mobile Speed Camera" option, which then shows up at that location for all users. If you pass by one that has been reported by someone else, you can update the report by confirming it's still there or not.

        The only hazard reporting available so far using Google Maps is "Crash", again user reported and updated.

        Hopefully they'll add more descriptive options as they develop this capability.


          Damn. Thanks for the correction.

          I'm happy to see Google Maps get that feature, but I now suspect Google will eventually kill Waze once all its features are in Maps :(

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    Camera Alerts yes

    Actual Police Cars doing speed alerts no

    Stick with Waze

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      Yes. Sticking with Waze.

      Waze reports active coppers (when reported) while Googlemaps doesn't.

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        Incorrect, Google maps has released the ability to add reports of accidents and mobile police to the map.

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    I use the Tom Tom Speed Camera app that you can configure to automatically turn on when you're in the car and switch off after you park. It works great as you don't set destinations. It just picks up whatever street you're on via GPS.


    It's all user added, I added myself few times on Google Maps. Many times when I am passing by same camera it asks if this speed camera is still there?

    Feature is still I think under trial as many cameras are not covered…

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    The WA Govt is currently considering (floating) a plan to not publish camera location on the WA Police website.
    Always though that it was ironic that the police did this, while (the sale, but not use of) radar detectors have been banned for a number of years.


      I think the idea was that knowing the general (but not the exact) location may cause more people to slow down generally speaking in that area (not just those breaking when they see the camera or their detector goes off).


    How does google maps work? is it like an offline GPS on a phone?

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    I still use a stand alone Tom Tom unit.

    Can anyone advise any benefits of the Google Maps app vs a stand alone unit.

    I have unlimited lifetime maps updates, but Tom Tom make the speed camera updates an optional extra, which is not worth the money.

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      Constantly updated maps. Your "lifetime" map upgrade is only free because of Google maps giving better maps for free. Also, Google Maps updated pretty quickly. While your TomTom unit might only have updates once every 6 months. You wouldn't have to wait 6 months for Google Maps to start navigating you down a new freeway that opened up.

      Live traffic information, as Google has this from other Google maps users. It also knows which roads are closed via your local VicRoads/RTA traffic alerts. It can better predict, and route you around said road closures and traffic, as it has a data connection via your phone.

      Speed camera reports, for free.

      If you want the next level, go to Waze (owned by Google). Waza allows other road users to report things on the road like accidents, closed roads, potholes, stopped cars, traffic. This information allows Waze to route you around those things.


      Waze (and maps to a lesser extent) has traffic data and will learn local driving patterns and routes around common traffic build up areas.

      Also Waze tells you about stand still traffic build up during whole trip, plus broken down cars on the side of the road and other hazards.

      Also allows users to post locations of speed traps (non fixed).

      Also features the currant road's speed limit and will warn when you go over.


      I have a Tom Tom as well but I don't use it for 2+ years I guess.
      It is not practice, the routes are kind weird and I ended so many times in wrong directions when working as a driver.

      I use Sygic now which is an OFFLINE GPS app system. It will work where Google won't.
      The map is updated from time to time.
      The newest updates made it report road accidents if your mobile is connected to the internet
      It uses your mobile hardware so almost everyone has a powerful mobile which makes the app to work much faster than a GPS unit like Tom Tom
      Try an OFFLINE GPS and you will see :)

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        I also use sygic offline, most of the time. I have been using the app for 2 years or so, on my HTC phone. its great offline. I have travelled a lot between Bundaberg & Melbourne. it only gets confused when they have just opened a new part on the highway. I purchased a lifetime subscription, can't remember how much, but not much more than the annual sub. You are right, I used Google maps once for a trip to Qld then I trialled Sygic while I was there, never looked back. It is also very accurate for seeing your speed. lots of radars on the melb to brisbane highway have tested out this feature.


    In the last years, I have used Google Maps less and less. I've been using Sygic Car Navigation which I paid $70 I think ages ago. Here is why:

    SPEED CAMERA ALERT: Any GPS apps have or should have this feature.
    VIA SPEED ALERT: this is so stupid, there are streets where you don't see a sign so you don't know if it is 40 or 50 or 60. Google Maps doesn't show it up
    CAR GPS: If I have a compatible car, I can connect my mobile via USB to it and the GPS will show up there instead of the shit system that the cars usually have.
    OFFLINE GPS: you don't need a mobile network to be able to use it. Yep, Google does the same but without precision, unless you pre-download the are where you are going.
    UPDATE: The map receives updates from time to time.

    BONUS: SECURITY: We are living the age where everything is watching you to invade your privacy. Using Google makes it collect everything about your life, where you go, which frequency, what time, etc. You can disable and delete the history but the option is hidden very deeply under your Google Account. I've been working with technology for 8+ years so yes, things are pretty damn shit out there.

    Believe or not, I use speed camera alerts and via speed alerts, not to be able to speed, but to make sure I am below the limit and avoid tickets where I am not used to ride/drive :)


      just curious,

      what do they use the history data for? and how do you disable it?



        To "sell" your data to third party companies although every single company says that it is for internal improvement which is bullshit.
        Have you realised that when you make a simple search, go somewhere using google apps, you start receiving advertisements about it?
        The same happens with Facebook for example.

        I was talking with my gf about trips and voila, she opened her Facebook and what do you think was showing up there?? Yep, the subject of our conversation and we didn't google anything about it before that. I own a Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus running Android, I choose the apps that can use my localization, microphone, access my contacts, messages, etc. Other than that I block the access. Some might say I am crazy, nope, I don't want platforms knowing even the colour of my underwear. you will see everything that Google knows about you.


      How can you not know what the speed limit is in any street? There are defaults in every city.


    so this will only show the fixed ones? Not much use then. I use Waze because it usually notifies me about remote speed cameras. Most people already know where the fixed ones are anyway.

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    Didn't think this was new. My Google maps has been doing it before xmas for me. You can report cameras as well etc.

    Still no speed limit love, but soon I'm hoping!


    IS TRAPSTER still around?

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