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Blueskysea Mini 0906 GPS Dual Dash Cam 1080P Rear View Backup Camera $119.33 Delivered @ Bobstoresafeway eBay via App


For those still looking for Dashcams or a dual dash camera with 1080p and exceptional quality by Blueskysea at the cheapest price yet with the 10% off coupon or get it for $112.70 with the 15% off when you join ebay plus.
Checkout this detailed review: https://dashcamtalk.com/mini-0906/
youtube review: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Blueskysea+mini...

Original PAPP10 10% off Sitewide on eBay via App Deal Post

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    How does this compare to the Blueskysea B1W in video quality? Better? Worse? Pretty much the same?

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      For a budget with duo cam…. I wouldn't complain too much. Is up there on best budget with the viofo

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    How does this compare with Viofo A129?

    • came here for this lol

  • I don't have this but I have the blueskysea A119 clone which has been good, even night footage with just headlights on country roads is good. I just watched a number of the reviews on this and apart from looking better I'm considering update to this purely because of the little remote for saving/locking videos, I often can't find the button or hit the wrong one because on mine they're all the same size and I can't see them behind the rear view mirror which is where I have to mount it for several reasons.

    • you mean viofo a119 ?

      • Oh wait, my bad, I screwed up. My older dashcam was a Blueskysea, the current one is just a random A119 clone

  • This 15% offer commences at 12:00 AM (AEDT) on 17 January 2019 according to eBay https://pages2.ebay.com.au/plus/terms-and-conditions3

  • Exceptionally good camera, quality of both front and back is amazing. Recommended.

  • +1

    Currently using it, a great front and back dashcam for its price. Uses capacitors instead of lithium which is a bonus.

  • Watch this if you run into problems

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