expired [Android] $0: GPS Speed Pro, Ringtone Maker - Mp3 Cutter, Magnet Balls Pro @ Google Play


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    Thanks Op grabbed the Gps one.

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    People still make their own ringtone?

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    At what point in the world did "pro" come to mean "free of obnoxious advertisements"?

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    As always ensure you are comfortable with the permissions you are giving these apps and you trust the company that makes them.
    GPS Speed Pro for example requires quite a few potentially invasive permissions to function plus a few that I cannot see a reason for it having looking at it's feature list.

    Here are some (not full list) of the potentially harmful/invasive ones:
    retrieve running apps
    read your Web bookmarks and history
    approximate location (network-based)
    precise location (GPS and network-based)
    access extra location provider commands
    receive data from Internet
    pair with Bluetooth devices
    access Bluetooth settings
    connect and disconnect from Wi-Fi
    draw over other apps
    read Google service configuration

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      You're aware that Google Android collects every single piece of data it can about you for all time and shares it with the other largest data aggregators in the world I take it?


        Hopefully most know a lot of the major device/computer operating systems collect your data in some form and to varying extent and detail.
        Hence your personal level of trust comes into play, do you trust an ongoing long term company that would potentially loose profits by handling data especially badly if it came out publicly?
        Do you trust a small company or individual developer who may or may not be in financial difficulty or originally setup to harvest data and/or use the app to install something potentially harmful?
        Do you trust no one to the extent that you write your own software and hope the hardware itself is not leaking your info?