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Hi I just got an ING and supposedly there are ATMs all over the world and there no transaction fees as long as you put in a certain amount.

For these accounts do you just keep the money in the savings account and withdraw whilst overseas?

Has anyone else used it whilst travelling overseas (in particular japan, korea, singapore, egypt and jordan)? Does anyone have alternatives to this in terms of foreign exchange eg. Citibank and 28 degrees MasterCard

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    This has been done to death. Use the search feature or go to Whirlpool. Did you mean to post this in your Google search box?

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    As long as you satisfy the requirements ($1000 per month, 5 transactions, etc) then you can use any banks' ATMs anywhere in the world and it will either not charge you an ATM fee, or charge you and reimburse you the fee. here are also no currency conversion fees or foreign transaction fees except for the basic mastercard currency conversion rate.

    You put the money in savings account when you want to earn interest and in your transaction account when you want to withdraw it. Instant transfers between your ING accounts from the app/website.

    Yes, lots of people use them overseas. Works wherever visa is accepted, which is pretty much everywhere.

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      the requirements ($1000 per month, 5 transactions, etc)

      It should be clarified that the 5 transactions must be in the previous month to get the fee refund the following month so you can't just take the card you haven't used overseas and make 5 transactions while traveling. You need to plan ahead and ensure you make the transactions the month before you travel.


    What’s the actual question

    Yes there are atms all over the world, how else would people get money out

    Yes u keep money in the account otherwise how could you withdraw it

    If u deposit x dollars per month and make y transaction it is free to use , read ings page or ring them up

    Pretty straight forward, not sure what info you are after that ing can’t tell you

    I have used this card in all the countries you mentioned with no problems


    I meet requirements but got charge international transaction fees on eftpos. Yet to ring them about it, but wasn't happy. Also had drama trying to withdraw from Bank of scotland ATM (Yes i put on app overseas)


    The 5 transactions also need to clear in the current month to be eligible. It happened to me that I used the card close to end of month, but the transactions were "pending" and cleared in the following month. Therefore not eligible for benefits.