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Bonus Huawei GT Watch (Worth $399) with Huawei Mate20 Pro 24 Mth Contract (From $74/mth) @ Optus


just saw this extra bonus when you sign on the Huawei Mate20 Pro. contract -Plus get a Bonus Huawei GT Watch
plan included the popular $74 for 30gb
$85 for 50gb - include free international talk and text
$106.25 for 200gb - include free international talk and text, and 4gb Roaming while overseas, and free international talk and SMS (zone 1 country)

Just found out this free watch is not exclusive to Optus, also available with Vodafone and JB hifi
See Huawei promotion page

Offer ends 28/02/19. Redeem at Huawei by 24/03/19. New and recontracting services only.

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  • some spec on the watch from Huawei site
    * Long battery life :
    2-Week Battery Life - Heartrate monitoring on. Exercise for 90 minutes per week.
    30DAYS !! - Receive messages & calls. Heartrate monitoring off.
    * Real-time Heartrate Reporting
    * Ceramic bezel design, stainless steel shell and DLC coating. Measuring in at a mere 10.6 mm and featuring a double crown 1.39" 454 x 454 AMOLED screen
    * 3 Satellites and 1 Precise Location
    * water resistance upto 50 meters

    • +1

      Just watched couple of reviews on YouTube and it seems it's more like a fancy fitness tracker than a real smart watch.

      • You can't interact with notifications (like reply or like etc)
      • You can't download apps since it runs on a custom Huawei OS not Wear OS (you will only ever have pre-installed apps)
      • You can't download new screens
      • You can't take calls (you can only reject them)
  • Merged from Purchase Huawei Mate20 Pro Get Free Watch GT
    Go to Deal

    exclusive to Optus, Vodafone and JB Hifi
    I posted deal from Optus previously. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/434073
    but there are other deal from vodafone and JB

    • +1

      If you can manage to pricematch at Voda or Optus with the Amazon price of $1,120, then effectively you can claim the watch and the wireless earbuds


      But you will need to purchase prior 31 Jan as the earbuds promo ends

      • Has anyone been successful in price matching?

    • It looks that only one item ie either the watch or the wireless earbuds can be claimed and not both, can someone clarify ..

    • How about contract it at Harvey Norman, will that be eligible for this free smart watch? As previous comments confirmed can be discount further 10% in store, and another 10% student discount via online chat.

      • +1

        which comment?

    • +1

      Please be aware that there is major known issues with this phone. Green screen issue with the LG panel they use and green line issue and banding with their BOE panel.

      There's a 250+page thread on XDA about it.

      Google it and you'll see.
      I returned mine 1 day after I experience an issue. For such an expensive phone it's not living up to its quality.

      • -3

        They are baiting people into the purchase with these give-aways. Go look up the issues of this phone before purchasing :)

      • +7

        This issue only impacting the first few batch of phones and batches from November onwards are fine.

        I am using one from batch 21 November and no issue so far.

  • +3

    You can also claim the free earbuds if you purchase before 31 jan


  • How about contract it at Harvey Norman, will that be eligible for this free smart watch? As previous comments confirmed can be discount further 10% in store, and another 10% student discount via online chat.

    • I tried to get 10% throught chat online but they said they wouldn't do it. Are you talking about the student didcount?

      • Sorry my bad I didn't read your comment properly 😔

      • Yes

    • Note that if you go to Harvey Norman Optus will refuse to have anything to do with repairs. My day old phone has green tint and Optus didn't care despite it being Optus branded stock. Once they have you signed up to a plan they don't want to know you.

      • Remind them of ACL

        • They didn't care. We went to Harvey Norman and they said that Optus was supposed to deal with any issues that came up. Ended up having to wait an hour to have my less than one day old phone swapped out for one that didn't have a tinted screen on the edges. I will be encouraging my family and friends to avoid Optus from now on.

  • No music controls or bluetooth connection, why?! Was so close to pulling the trigger on this!

  • 10% off the 74$ plan for going in store to Harvey norman, then additional 10% off for applying student discount code through online chat - brings the plan to ~60$ a month, 60 x 24 mths = 1440.
    So you can get a 1000+$ phone, + freebuds + watch + 30gb plan for 24 mths for 1440? Not a bad bet

    • I went to HN they won’t be able to discount the plan, online chat they refused to give discount since the price is already discounted.

      So no deal .

      So anyone who has got further 10% off + $10 off per month, pls show reference. Thank you.

      • HN automatically gives 10% off all Optus plans, this is well documented on other threads such as the 59$ s9 and pixel 3 deals which also included this mate 20 pro deal.

        The additional 10% off student discount I have gotten myself on the first try when giving Optus online chat my code, at least for the pixel 3, 3 or 4 days after I signed up at HN.

        The idea is to sign up at HN, get the initial 10% off, and then afterwards ask online chat to apply your 10% code that you've gotten from the student hub.

        • Thank you mate.

          Just wondering how do u ask to apply 10% student discount at HN?
          Are u in Melbourne ?

          • +1

            @pzhon: No I am from Sydney. To clarify, you don't apply the student discount in HN. There is a 10% discount that HN has for all Optus plans, which is different to the student discount. They should automatically apply that for you in store. If they dont, you can ask them.
            I also asked them to throw in a case and screen protector for free, which I got.

            Then once you get home, you can go on to Optus online webchat, and ask them to apply your student code, which takes another 10% off. You can get the code emailed you by going to the Optus student hub, and entering a valid .edu email address.

            Total comes to 19% off the plan.

            Then you can apply for your freebuds and watch after that (I'm assuming).

            Hope this helped

            • @Khartoum: Thanks so much mate. You r so bloody helpful. I will head on HN again.

            • @Khartoum: Hi mate, thanks for your information. I have signed up one from HN and got 10% off but now I m talking Optus online and they said STduent can’t be added since the phone signed up in store. Student discount only for online application

              • @pzhon: which HN store did you go? i went to one in Vic and been told that they don’t have mate20 pro in stock for sale and have to request Optus send the phone to HN after you sign the contract.

                • @melcool: I went to one of the HN stores located southeast , I got told I was lucky since they were the only store having last one instock. lol.

            • @Khartoum: It sounds like you just got lucky with a rep who didn't know what he/she was doing - I would caution anyone else against thinking this outcome is assured.

              • @Tyrx: HN offers 10% discount to any porting in 24 month plan, then I have talk to Optus specialist through live chat and provided my edu email, got the further 10% off. So eventually I pay $68 /month for $85plan which include 50G data and unlimited national and international calls and text.

                • @pzhon: mate, you got the phone of single sim or dual sims version? thanks

                  • @melcool: I was given a single sim phone. What about u?

                • @pzhon: For students discount, u just tell them your edu email and they give u 10%?

                  • @asianbargain: i chatted with one of the online guys, then he said he is unable to solve my problem; then I was transferred to the “specialist”, and she helped me to applied the extra discount by using the edu email.

    • How does the watch redemption work when the HN isn't in the list of participating retailers?

      • Don’t worry, actually u sign up from Optus, not HN. So just provide Optus contract to Huawei, you still get your watch

      • HN is not but Optus Does.

        I have redempted successfully and got confirmation letter already

    • So to get student discount code, we go to student hub and register?

      • U may get someone to help or you will have to be a student.

  • Also, the Watch GT is not WearOS. They've developed their own software.

    • -1

      No Chinese smartwatch has wearOS, because their government blocked Google services, no company would develop a wearOS product. Literately, Huawei watch is only a watch size smart band. It is not worth the money.

      • Well except for the Huawei watches that are WearOS - like the HW1 and HW2. The HW1 is one of the best WearOS devices ever made, I still love mine and haven't seen a better WearOS device yet.

        • Sorry, I did not look back their old product.

      • Don't know about the others but at least this model is not a smart watch. It's just a fancy fitness tracker since it doesn't do what a smart watch does.

        • You can't interact with notifications (like reply or like etc)
        • You can't download apps since it runs on a custom Huawei OS not Wear OS (you will only ever have pre-installed apps)
        • You can't download new screens
        • You can't take calls (you can only reject them)
  • Are you serious? I got mine on an Optus plan yesterday. Does anyone have any advice on trying to claim this?

    • -1

      There should be a cooling off period if they give you grief. Honestly, if you're going to sign-up, would it kill Optus to say, "hey, wait a day and a watch is included" - it's just garbage service.

      • Optus front line staff was only able to see this deal available from 8am today.

    • Try to claim it. I think as long as your IMEI number is legit you can get one.

      • I had to return it anyway so I claimed with the receipt I got from the new one. It was approved but I won't believe it until it is here.

  • I bought mine about 1.5 weeks ago.

    Anybody have any advice or luck in claiming the watch? Do you think reaching out to them would be worth while?

    • 1.5 weeks ago you might be eligible for the freebuds (mentioned above), might be better off. See how you go.

  • Who are the participating retailers?
    Vodafone and Optus stores are the only participating retailers for the Huawei Mate20 Series Wireless FreeBuds promotion

    might be a dumb question, but getting it through HN means I'm still eligible?

    • to answer my own question, yes it's fine.

      however, they won't give you 10% off if you're recontracting, and optus wont give you 10% off as a student if you go through harvey norman.

      Broadway, sydney.

  • im getting a error This IMEI doesn't exists but it is right i have checked it over 5 times? anyone able to help??
    bought mine from JB blue version today.

    • Call and ask Huawei? Perhaps IMEI is not marked as sold or something.

      • Did and no help.

  • +1

    BE WARNED GUYS…no knock on the phone..BUT OPTUS REALLY BAD in releasing update (even on this current flagship model). HUAWEI has released lots update but only OPTUS has not done it yet…GOD knows why. Even third world country has newer update. I personally regret getting the contract from OPTUS, should have just get non carrier Huawei.

    • Optus has always been bad in releasing updates, one of the worse I would say.

      • +2

        Unfortunately this Huawei mate 20 pro on early release firmware can be quite buggy, especially their slow and sometime failing on screen finger print scanner. That's why a lot users been upset with OPTUS. They should release the update at least until it is stable.

    • Can you update the phone by yourself later? or does it need to be done by the provider? thanks

      • +1

        Unlike Samsung, Huawei phone is depended on the carrier. You cant flash even official stock firmware on it unless you unlock the bootloader, which unfortunately Huawei not providing them anymore. You have to go third party, and believe me it's very expensive to unlock the bootloader.

        • thanks for sharing. if I get this from Optus plan and use it with my other Telstra account. will the firmware get updated? as Telstra is not the carrier of Huawei. or i ahve to try Vondafone?thanks.

  • It's a pretty useless "smart" watch

    I'd prefer if the giveaway is for HW nanomemory card…

  • Does anyone know whether this phone will be locked to Optus? Can this be used with a telstra SIM?

    • im in the store now, it is not locked, i will try it on my telstra number for the firmware update.

      • this phone from Optus is single sim version, isn’t it?

        • correct

          • @GAO: The guy at optus tells me that the phone is actually dual sim but the dual sim function is not able to be activated in Australia.

            Is he right or just talking rubbish?
            The dual sim version we buy on amazon, can we use dual sim?

            • @tychiang82: The one I got from Optus store was a single SIM only.

      • Thanks Gao

  • I don't have a .edu address, any way to get code ?

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