Match cashback (Cashrewards/Shopback) in store?

Has anyone managed to get a retailer in store to match the cashback offered through their own website?
i.e. I want to purchase an a/c through the Bing Lee website (currently Cashrewards is offering 4.2% cashback) however there's no stock at my local store and I need to order it in. Anyone had success with negotiating to get the same deal in store? its only $60 off but $60 is $60!


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    Lol no they won't have any idea what you're talking about.

    However $60 is a reasonable negotiation. Just negotiate, but don't use the term cashback, you'll confuse the fk out of them.

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      haha yes isn't it funny how many people don't know about it by now! I will try but they have a promotion already which is $150 off… typical ozbargainer wanting an even better deal :D



    Edit: Just to be a little more productive, cashback sites work because the reward funnels web traffic through their site, allowing them to serve ads and because they have deals with retailers as they can drive more business to those retailers.

    Neither of these apply when you're already at a physical store in person.

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    hahaha.. early leader for dumbest thread of the year


    Hi there,
    I've done this with JB Hifi. They were selling the Samsung QLED Q7 for close to $3600. David Jones had a deal on at the same time where they had it for $2900, I told them about the Cashrewards, they ended up matching the DJ price, beating it, giving me a further discount as a proxy for Cashrewards and free shipping. Total price $2650 or thereabouts.


      It's just negotiation, that's all it is. A 4.2% discount. They don't care where it came from, as long as it's within their margins.

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