Free Back to School Photo Pack (8x10" Photo Enlargement, Keyring & Keepsake Card) @ Harvey Norman (In Store)


Simply bring in your photo as a digital file and get your free 8" x 10" enlargement, a keyring and a keepsake card with a 6" x 4" photo.

In store only.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman


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    Can i bring in a photo of my pet hamster

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    Beat me to it. Was just about to post this. Would be interesting to see if they will print other photos besides a child's photo for this "photo pack".

    Also the expiry is March 3, not February 3.

    Keyring normally costs $4.95
    8x10 print normally costs $2.00
    4x6 photo card printed on what looks like 5x7 normally costs $7.95


    highly recommend NOT going to Broadway to do this.

    First - one per customer (fair enough, but the terms don't say that).
    45 min wait despite no other printing happening or customers in store. Print machine sitting idle. "Print while you wait" ??
    they don't have the 2019 keepsake card to slot your photos in
    the keyring they said they don't print a photo for it, you just get an empty keyring,, lol - yet in the photo display it shows a school photo of a girl inside the keyring ?

    Meh - shouldn't complain, it's free…but still…


    I was just about to post this myself. Thank goodness for duplicate suggestions.


    So does anyone know if we can take non-school photos for this deal?

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      Probably at the discretion of store staff. I reckon they will only do it if you give them a proper school photo.


        It works.
        I just took in a photo of my 2yo who isn't in school just yet. Was just asked to put it into their photo system and didn't check the photo.
        Even if they did, I was ready for "Yea childcare needs it. That's school."


    Is this deal still active?


      If the deal doesn’t have a red “expired” box near the deal title, then it is still active. It’s meant to end on March 3.

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