Best Budget TWS Earphones or Earbuds under $50 in 2019

Very similar to the poll that was done in 2018, however this particular one should gauge True Wireless Stereo (TWS) earphones/earbuds as opposed to semi Wireless earphones (with still some cables in it).

Some that I think particularly important and to be considered on purchasing one are:

  • What type of Bluetooth is it? The generalisation is the higher it is the better coverage you'll get.
  • When earbuds are fully charged, how long do you get when playing songs continuously? How long when doing calls?
  • How's the sound quality when playing music, video and phone calls? How's the noise cancellation?
  • Is there any latency/delay?
  • How good the microphone is? Mic is on 1 side or both sides?
  • Is it water-resistant or water-proof?
  • Does it come with charging box and what's the charging capacity? Is it an open box or with cover?
  • How well those earbuds/earphones fit and snug?
  • What are the touch controls on the airbuds? Are they useful? over-sensitive perhaps?

I've narrowed the poll selections down to what I've found so far and what seems to be favoured in ozbargain. By all means, if you think there's a better option, feel free to add them up.
**PS: will need admins to help out with adding poll options **

So here come the poll question:
* What is the best budget True Wireless Stereo (TWS) earphones (under $50) for the money in 2019?

You are allowed to change your vote.

Poll Options

  • 12
    QCY T1C
  • 2
    SoundPEATS Q32
  • 2
    Xiaomi Airdots Youth ed.
  • 1
    Tronsmart Encore Spunky
  • 0
    Xiaomi Meizu POP


  • Hey op,

    I've been following your posts and I'd just like to say thanks for doing these really detailed searches for the best budget wireless earphones :).
    I've been needing to check out wireless earbuds as a lot of phones are dropping the mini jack.


    Unless one has all of these, it is impossible to know which one is best.

    • Agreed. But it will give an indication of (1) popularity and (2) positive sentiment. In theory, the product with the highest votes would at least not be poor quality?

  • I'm loving the Bauhn ALDI ones after replacing the tips with comply foam! If I remember, I'll update this after a bit more listening (to check out how the charging case works).
    It's so nice to not have a cable weighing down on my chest or dragging across my neck.

  • Any love for tt-bh052?