Best Way to Get an Audible Subscription

Was looking at Audible to get a subscription but they're pretty expensive. I see some other countries offer cheaper subscriptions (like the recent Google Play Music and Youtube Premium) hacks. Wondering if the catalogue is much different between countries. Anyone have experience with Audible?


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  • The best way to get an Audible subscription is to go their website and sign up.

  • Use a virtual credit card and sign up for the trial.
    Keep repeating every month.
    If you require a number get a cheap throw away $2 sim.

    • Thanks. Sorry for the noob question but who is Australia offers virtual credit cards? Or more importantly what virtual credit cards can we in Australia get?

  • A bunch of accounts using free trials is pretty easy. Can always add a new account and keep remaining books on the phone. Just stock up during the occasionally 2 or 3 month free or bonus Amazon credit deals. Then once you have a few accounts you should be able to coast on $10 off for 3 months offers for cancelled accounts if you wanna be nice and pay them instead of just trials.

    I find Scribd to be pretty decent too, I was able to listen to 3 full books for the month before they started limiting what I could listen to but for $13 I'm happy.

    Edit: and yes, different regions have different catalogues. You may need a US address and account for some books.

  • Playster is a lot cheaper than Audible (about $9 AUD per month for all the books you want, not just one a month) but has a smaller selection. And once you've listened to a few books they restrict what's available (not sure if they'll come back if you cancel and sign up again though - after they took away a book I was in the middle of reading I cancelled out of spite and haven't considered signing up again). I would recommend seeing if they have a few books you want and signing up to them, then churning virtual credit cards for Audible free trials only for the books Playster doesn't have.

  • Some of the suggestions here are promoting breaking the terms of service. Fair enough finding a bargain or cheaper way to do it, but perpetual new accounts and such pushing it.

    I think the service is worth the price, specially if you use Kindle as well with the whispersync feature.

    One way to get cheaper audiobooks is sometimes when Kindle books are on sale is they will have the "add audio narration" option for a couple of dollars as well, so can get audiobooks much cheaper.

  • I signed up for a three month free trial a couple of months ago. Then signed up to the US and Uk stores for free trials.

    I then contacted support and they have now kindly merged all my books into my Australian account. All up I now have 10 books in my library (which should keep me going for awhile), have cancelled all my accounts (not having spent a cent) and apparently I can still return two books every six months with a cancelled account!