Amazon Audible 6 Months Pre-Paid $4.23/ Month with 1 Credit Each Month (VPN Required)


I have been trying to cut down on my subscriptions and came up across VPN method to save on some of the services. I signed up for Amazon Audible through Indian Audible just now using a VPN and paid $25.38 as pre-paid for 6 months. Got my monthly credit immediately and downloaded the book on phone app and it all works. I haven't bought a book with money yet but they appear to be somewhere between $3 and $5.

Here are the steps I followed - I suggest doing this on computer.

Step 1: Getting VPN - I don't have VPN account so I signed up a free trial on TunnelBear (500mb limit so don't use it up on other browsing). Once signed up and installed on my PC, I closed all browsers and connected to Indian server. Very easy to do with a creative visual on the window. A bear tunnels from Aus to IN and you know you are connected.

Step 2: Open up Audble India and sign up for a plan (free trial won't work as they need local CC or Debit card). Select 6 months pre-paid plan.

Step 3: You can pay using your AU card, it will prompt the standard bank security check, for me it was a text on my Au phone.

Step 4: Enter Indian address as shipping address. I used a friend's address that I had. Once all signed up, you will get confirmation and a welcome to Audible message.

Step 5: Download Audible and sign in. IMPORTANT - when signing in, select Market Place as, this is right at the bottom of the sign in page. if you sign in using AU then you won't see your membership or credit.

Note - I haven't purchased a book yet, but I assume I will have to use VPN again to buy from Audible.In website. Happy with 6 credits for $4.23 each for now.

While I had free trial left on VPN, I signed up for Youtube Premium as well on Youtube India. Sign up process was straight forward, open when connected to Indian VPN server. Click on sign up for premium, it's around 129 Indian Rupee a month or around $2.45. You get first month free as well. I downloaded Youtube Music and signed in on YouTube using my email and it works fine. Only cache is that youtube music is loaded with Bollywood suggestions so I'll have to build up a library from scratch.


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  • And I thought I was smart when I discovered Spotify via Philippines way back in the day during a stopover in Manila :)

    • I tried to sign up for Spotify but for some reason it's not allowing me. I'll keep trying while I still have VPN data left.

      • Removing ads for $2 a month was like discovering the wheel 😁

      • It doesn't work any more. You need a local credit or debit card now.

      • Perhaps might wanna consider using Youtube Music app as opposed to Spotify considering you already have YT Premium as YT Music is bundled together with Premium sub. 😊😊

        • Have any of the providers announce if youtube music will be off the meter in regards to data, I've been using google music for years n will change if the conring switch to youtube music means I'm using data when listening to music.

  • So you started a new Amazon account via a VPN to Amazon India?

    • No I used an existing account however I did not have any information saved on that account like Payment and address. You can give it a try with your existing Amazon account.

      • Ah cheers. I have paid for Audible before from my main account, so I am a bit unsure of how it would go. Maybe Ill make anew one but it would be nice to keep everything in the same place

      • I'm not sure what to do about the phone number. I got the address. I don't think it would be safe to use fake numbers. Any other solutions?

  • FYI: If you have had a previous free trial, quite often if you sign back into Audible you will be able to start another free trial for a free audiobook. I just did this yesterday, and when I went to sign back up for the free trial it recognised that I had a prime membership and said I would get 2 free credits instead.

    • Great tip - hadn't used it for about a year, signed in and it offered me a free credit to re-join the 30 day trial, and then when clicking through it doubled to two credits due to prime membership as well!

  • Does this renew at the same price?

    • No it’s a pre-paid so it won’t renew. You just add another 6/12 months when first one expires. I’m just trying out Audible so happy to pay 6 months at this price. If I like it I’ll add another 6 months next year.

      • I was using Audible for few months in India, I can confirm that there was a month on month renewal option for 200 INR.

  • New customers/acc only??

    • I used an existing Amazon account that had not signed up on Audible. You can give it a go with existing account.

  • +3 votes

    I went to cancel Audible the other day and they offered me 3 months at 50% off. Might be useful for anyone who doesn't want to go through the trouble of using a VPN etc.

    • I did that recently. After 3 months I went to cancel again and this time they didn't offer me anything…. Now I don't have audible and am refusing to sign up on principal lol. I want more freebies!

      • FYI I did this last year.

        You have to wait 12 months then they'll give you a free trial and that 50% deal again.

        Bit like porting your number out for Optus /Telstra deals haha

  • Can anyone confirm if this works on unsubscribed audible accounts? Id do it but I'm concerned I want to keep all my books in my audible library and not split between different accounts.

    • A person can move over time. So thus the account should with all those libraries. Point is, the account may need to be verified. Either with card or address. Which is what the OP mentioned to provide details.

  • Great timing. New Star Wars Thrawn trilogy starts tomorrow

  • all indian deals should work on amazon since the yanks have us under india

  • Pretty good deal, I swapped from this to listening to audio books with the app Libby and a few library cards. Usually have to wait a few weeks for the more popular ones. But it's for free. I'm loving it definetly cuts out the subs.

    • Does all of the cards have same selections or different?

    • I'm using Libby / Overdrive. Works fine but the audio quality is lower than Audible I find.

    • Curious as to what spread of cards you have. My local selection is a bit lacking, do you have any info on the overdrive selections of other libraries? Are you able to apply for a card for free if interstate?

      • I have a Victorian Eastern Library Card and use my mums Port Phillip Council card that both worth with Libby. They both have a little different selections but also pretty similar popular books. I mainly use it because one book might have a 8 week wait on one library but a 2 week wait on the other.

        I also have a Melbourne city library card thats also free to apply for (they send a physical letter to your Vic address with a code) and they use different apps, but i usually forget to check them.

        With the 3 cards I can usually find what I want unless it's super niche. Ocassionally I'll have to actually read the e book instead! Ha.

        Hope this helps.

  • Good deal, been using it for years now.

    One issue you will face is the collection of Audible India is not as good as Audible AU. I use it as a second account. Works fine.

  • I get this is a pretty good deal, but is it legal/ethical?

    • First time?

    • The government and Choice have previously urged citizens to go around geo-blocking to get the best deal.

      Is it legal in terms of terms of service? Most probably not.

      Is it ethical? I don't see why it wouldn't be. It's not costing the provider any extra.

      • I don’t see why it’s can be illegal. People could move to different location, doesn’t mean you are bound to the location where you signed up.

        If they don’t want people to bypass local inflated prices then they should keep pricing consistent for all regions. For example Microsoft 365 subscription costs same in India as it does here. (Yes I was on a roll this morning and wanted to change all my subs to Indian prices :D)

    • Amazon? Ethical?

    • Is it ethical that amazon, youtube, facebook, google and co steal and abuse all your personal information, habits etc?

  • I got a targeted offer to come back for $3 a month for 2 months.

    Will cancel again after paying $6 :)

  • I really think you should get a light audible subscription with Prime :( Find it too hard to justify stretching to this one

  • “ I have been trying to cut down on my subscriptions and came up across VPN method to save on some of the services” - True consumer

  • Do I still buy individual books through audible in addition to paying a subscription fee or is it sort of an unlimited consumption of books via the set fee?

    I have a kindle paperlwhite, can I use audible via that?

    • you can use paperwhite (well at least the newer version) and no the subscription gives you credit for 1 book a month (+ 5 editor choice books maybe?)

      • Not so sure about this. i was looking at one a year back and YES they are audible compatible BUT the AU model has the functionality removed. Something about the AU library being setup different to the US library or something so they couldn't be used for audible over here. If that has changed id love to know as i can't have a phone with a camera at work, so a paperwhite would give me the ability to listen to my books while passing time at work.

        • also would like to confirm this. i think if you use a US account on kindle paperwhite here you can use audible?

          • @Richo5: I thought it was the au models had the function removed. I don't have one but will purchase if it works with audible. Or if anyone knows a android phone with no camera let me know…….

            I recall if you go on Amazon and read the negative feedback because a lot of people purchased one thinking it would allow them to use audible because all the us stuff says it works and then they can't use it.

            • @AndyRoo: exactly my question. i want to buy a paperwhite but only if i can also use audible (dont mind if i have to use a us account)

            • @AndyRoo: hey mate so this isnt from me but i did find this on amazon's feedback page for australian kindle paperwhite. so i have a feeling if you do everything 8under a US account. so not using this promo you may be able to use the paperwhite for audible here in aus.

              'I kinda feel I'm the only one in Australia that the audible is actually working. For those who wants to know, I did create a US account and change my billing address to US address too (never been to the States but I have a MY US account where I get a free US address, more just for my online shopping). I also downloaded AUDIBLE on my andriod device. Step 1 - order and send to andriod. Step 2 - go to my contents on Amazon from my laptop, choose the audible book and send to my kindle. It worked perfectly.'

  • Not working for me :( I have some audiobooks in the Australia account which might be the reason ?

  • Doesn't work for me, probably because i signed up with for a AU trial earlier in the year. Get an error "We are sorry! We can not complete this purchase". Anyone know how to fix this?

    • i am getting the same error. I wonder if it is because i have previously had a audible US and AU account. Also i didn't select the free trial, i tried to purchase the 6 month prepaid.

      • yes i am in the same boat. Both US and AU accounts and going straight to 12 month prepaid

        • Update. Finally got it working!

          Steps i took:

          1. Made a new amazon account
          2. Activated Indian vpn (surfshark)
          3. Signed into audible India
          4. Selected the 12 months prepaid and entered in a Indian address in new Delhi
          5. Paid using Amex (28 Degrees was blocked for some reason)
          6. Account activated and first month credit available

          $43.48 AUD for 12 months!

  • Just to clarify - using this approach you will be stuck using the .in server?

    • I would say so, I have an au, uk, and us account. The books are different in each.

      You can switch accounts on the app though

  • Does anybody know if I would lose my already purchased books and unused credits if I do this?

    • I don't think you'll lose them. If you use a different account to sign up to this each account has a separate library i.e. you won't be able to see your existing books in the new account. You'll still be able to log in and out of each account any time (I have AU and US accounts).