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Kogan Mobile Prepaid Voucher Code: LARGE (365 Days | 20GB Per 30 Days) $152.30 @ Kogan


Kogan Mobile Prepaid Voucher Code: LARGE (365 Days | 20GB Per 30 Days). About $13.85 per month with UNLMTD call and text in Australia with 20gig of data.

Comes with a FREE SIM Card!

Previous best price for 20GB plan was $254.30 on ozbargain.

(200+ ratings)
Was $399.90
Save $247.60 (61%)


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  • Can this be used on recharging? Im currently on medium plan. Also the price in the link is not $153.3?

    • FYI - once logged in and added to cart, it showed as $152.30. EDIT - Kogan's page now shows the $152.30 price before adding to cart whereas before it didn't.

    • Add it to the cart and it should say $152.30

      Edit: someone beat me to it :)

      • Updated.

    • Thanks. Awesome price. I just checked with Kogan, I have to wait until 1 month within the expiry of my current plan before buying recharge voucher. Recharging now will forfeit my current credit/plan. The recharge voucher only lasts a month as well.

  • My current large plan expires near 4/20 or April 20 I believe.. When's the best time to buy one so I can activate it right before the expiry date.

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      This expires end of Feb.

      • How long do you have to use it after purchasing I guess is what I am asking. I assume the expiry on this post is only the expiry to buy it but not use it or please correct me if I am wrong.

        • You have to activate by Feb I believe.

    • Based on the advice I received over the phone - buy right at the end of the promotion. When received, sit on it for 29 days then activate. Needs some time management/discipline.

      • This is what I'm looking for. So the voucher itself lasts for 29 days? OK then I maybe might wait for the next one then no rush.

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      Voucher expires at 11:59pm AEDT on 28/02/2019.

    • Haha my plan expires on exactly the same date, April 20. Tempted to get this offer in case another doesn't pop up before my expiry date, ie renew by using this voucher date of the 28th Feb…lose a bit of the current to save a lot on the next.
      Or just risk it and hope for another deal like this to pop up again, mmmmm, what to do?

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        Yeah I feel you brother man. Could go either way but my gut is telling me there should be at least one within the 3 months between now and my expiry and sometimes I just like to live in the edge. But having same thoughts as you now ah well we shall see.

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      Mine finishes April 20 too but I figured at these prices I’ll activate Feb 28 and still end up on top, if they honour it that is

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        Turns out you made a good decision, well done.

        I was wondering if this was just the "new norm" for Kogan Mobile and didn't realise Kogan were having sitewide pricing issues.

        He who hesitates, a bird in the hand and all that kind of stuff, oh well.

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          Definitely should have got this. Mine expires in September so no point, I had the cheapest deal previously which was $200 per year instead of $255. It ain't going to get any cheaper than this! The specials every few months come out at around $200 per year for Large plan. This is closer to 50% off. Can definitely afford to transfer a couple months early and still save money.

          • @Monstalova: You are so right, yeah I messed up real bad. Have 4 of us with Kogan too, imagine the potential saving, oh the agony…the pain of procrastination.

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    This is getting ridiculous.

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    Well this is good. None of that signing up for a catch membership and getting vouchers.

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    The nice thing with Kogan is when they increase the data on their plans, they tend to increase it immediately for existing customers. Such a foreign concept for Aussie telco's.

  • When does this sale finish?

    • Sale finishes 28 February 2019.

      Another poster has said the voucher expires 29 days from purchase but I have not confirmed personally on the website.

  • Price is great. What’s the network coverage like in comparison to Optus/Jeenee ?

    • Suboptimal in Sydney. Constantly on 2 bar or less in areas outside of a CBD. Train rides are filled with black spots where it dips to no bars or 2 bars but no bandwidth.

      Optus may be congested but reception for me was always 3+/5 bars.

  • Perfect timing mine expires 25/02

  • Im looking at getting this, I was just reading the t&c's from TPG who I am currently with and it states

    1. If you port your mobile service number to another carrier a port out fee of $11 is payable in addition to any other charges.

    Does anyone have any experience if they actually charge this?

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      TPG do.. I read somewhere

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      They sure do. They also try and keep your deposit

      • I just assumed they wouldn't do that, really wish I didn't join them now.

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          How long ago did you join? I was with them for a few years and had signed up when the "deposit" was called a deposit. (Now I believe it's called prepayment?)

          When I ported out a year or so ago I called up and after a bit of fussing, got the deposit refunded, and they refunded the $11 port out fee too - although I wasn't actually expecting the latter.

          • @danyool: It was only a few months ago but the reception at work isnt great. I dont remember being charged a deposit/prepayment fee and I had a quick look through the credit card statements and cannot find a charge outside of the monthly plan cost.

  • MyTelstra 12 month sim only plan expires this April… hopefully another good deal like this comes up by then

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      Thia is advice from @Ahan above: "Based on the advice I received over the phone - buy right at the end of the promotion. When received, sit on it for 29 days then activate."

      That should nearly take you to April

  • Any vouchers that can be bought or used with this deal? I know the old 30 + 20 vouchers are no longer any good. But any others that are usable?

  • Hi all, I need some help, how do I find out when my Kogan 365 days plan expires?

    • Log on to your account at koganmobile.com.au

  • Thanks @pyramid. By moving to this plan I'm saving $350 / year + increasing data by 15gb / month. Happy.

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    Thanks this is perfect because my account expires 09 Feb.

  • Awesome value, thanks OP!

  • Damn, bought the 13g plan a couple months ago at $200

  • all over, will see if they honor it

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    Price shot back up to 254 lol

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    Got my voucher just now. Guess they honoured it. +1 for Kogan

    • Wow so quick!
      Still waiting on mine

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        Click on view order .

        • Thanks

  • Anyone know if i cAn use the recharge voucher and recharge my current kogan sim?? Or do i have to move overcto different network and sign up again usinng this code?

  • If anyone not using voucher, pls pm me as I would like to have one…

    • I would also be interested if someone has another one they won’t use

    • +2

      why did you miss it… You spotted the price in the first place.

  • +3

    Have 8 vouchers and probably won't use all…

    • Any chance you'll sell me one? :D

    • if you're selling one let me know

    • Can I have one as well.

    • +3

      You should change your username to Brodanbrother…

    • I will buy one from you if its going spare pls

    • Me too pm please

    • Likewise, if you're selling I'll buy.

    • May I please have one?

    • NIL please

    • If you're selling, I'm also keen to buy!

    • I am keen to buy as well.

    • If you still have one, could I please have it? Many thanks

    • Me one pls pls pls

  • Kogan always has sales months before my expiry. I guess I’ll wait and hope it drops to this price again before May otherwise I think I’ll be leaving Kogan. The call quality I get is quite bad, people don’t sound clear most of the time and some days have trouble hearing me. Might just do what other people here do and jump from provider to provider depending on the deal posted

    • +1

      Mine works perfect, but if you don’t get it cheap I’d move too. One good one is also catchconnect at half price (Optus). Or keep an eye on Lebara, sometimes they sell very cheap too

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    shietttt this would have been great, were these pricing errors or something? chose to sleep in today and this is what i miss out on!! awesome for those that got it

  • Thank OP. Plan Expires on 28/01/2020

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    Did anyone get a screenshot of this deal on the website showing the price?

  • Just received an email from Kogan noting there was a pricing error and have cancelled my order.

    • i wonder what does this mean? did we all received the voucher code?

      • There was a $10 code in the email.

        • I meant the code for the 12 month prepaid plan.

          • @Ahan: Yes to this and the $10 but I haven't used plan code yet will use towards end of Feb.

          • @Ahan: Apologies - yes there was a code but I assume it's now invalid.

  • Bummer, missed out… need a special to happen again early Feb..

  • +2

    Sim card dispatched. Guess we are the lucky one because the goods we ordered were delivered automatically.

  • anyone have spare they want to sell

  • Also looking to buy if anyone has one

  • Anyone selling one? Looking to buy

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