[Price Error] Huawei Mate20 Pro Dual SIM (128GB, Black or Midnight Blue) + Bonus Watch (via redemption) $839 Delivered @ Kogan

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Unreal price. Go get it guys before it is ozbargain.

The huaweivip code didn't work.

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    Discount code not valid

    • Not sure why it is said on the page but cannot be applied. Do you reckon this may be a price error?

      If you guys can, try huaweivip

      • Just realised in the hype of things i forgot to thank the OP. Thanks @Bimo!

        • Welcome!

  • Code applies and shows but no money is taken off. Also a “giveaway” Kogan mobile pack is also showing as $15 and not free as I assume it should be if it’s a giveaway.

  • Didn't bother with the discount code or the supposed free Sim pack.

    Ordered anyway.
    Cheapest ever?

    If this actually gets shipped I'll need to return my P20 pro that is due tomorrow

    • Last lowest price is $1120. That's without free watch. Amazing!

  • So this dropped $400 overnight?

  • Can anyone confirm this is Australia version and AU stock?

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      Says in bold on the ad - "kogan.com is an official Partner. This product is official Australian Stock and comes with a local Manufacturer Warranty"

      So I'd say that it is.

  • Out of stock already… Likely pricing error

  • Black ver is still available.

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    -$560.00 off $1,399 I'd a good deal.

    Plus 2 years warranty.

    And the free watch.

    Bought one even tho I have no need for one.lol.

  • Already have an Optus branded one, but at that price I couldn't help but buy another one to have the dual sim, non-branded version. Will redeem the watch and sell the Optus branded one. Great deal!

  • If only twilight colour was available in Australia =(

  • Great find thanks picked up a Black on as the Blue one was out of stock

  • When would we receive the IMEI number so we can claim the watch?

    • When in your hands.

  • Don't forget Qantas Mall or Velocity eStore.

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    Took a screenshot of the discount code and price before buying. I will be contacting Kogan to claim my 10% off as well.

  • Did this just sell out? I was ozbargaining on my phone and added it to cart, decided to get off my arse and go to my pc but when I opened the kogan link it was sold out. Then I completed the order on my phone instead..hope it went through

  • did anyone receive an order confirmation yet?

    All i received was a paypal payment authorisation to kogan.

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      Yep I did, let's see what happens…

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      I received an order confirmation email from Kogan.

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    damn been wanting a new phone, and this would have fit the bill nicely.

  • ok having second thoughts about this impulse buy.

    Have the P20 Pro arriving tomorrow which was about ~$100 cheaper from amazon.

    if Kogan do actually ship this then i'll consider selling it to a fellow ozbargainer (minus the watch)

    • I already have the p20 pro and just bought this one too. Been looking for the watch and was willing to pay $320ish for it so for me it looks like cheap upgrade of phone.

      Was going to get a p30 when it came out (if foldable and 5g) and now not sure which phone to sell when that happens.

    • how much are you after for it?

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    NOOOOO I missed out, stupid hang over :(

  • I had black phone in my cart but then I went to Velocity estore. It was out of stock by the time I returned on Kogan page :(

  • And discussion moves to best case choice? :)

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      I would wait for shipping confirmation, likely to have order cancelled

  • Tried to jb price match… not much luck with it being half price

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    Huawei Mate20 Pro Dual SIM (128GB, Black)
    Huawei Mate20 Pro Dual SIM (128GB, Black)1 x $839
    Expected dispatch date: 29 January 2019

  • So is it fair to say people who ordered express shipping are getting their orders already shipped?

    • Mine is normal shipping which seems ok to go.

      • Meaning, it's already been transferred to the warehouse? Or you just had confirmation?

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      Mine went to "Transmitted to warehouse" minutes after buying it. I did add $4 for Express Shipping if that has any impact, can't see how it would though. I just figured what's $4 in the grand scheme of things.

      As it turns out I probably won't keep this phone anyway, the more I think about it, the more I'd prefer the Mate 20 X. I really dislike curved screens. Sell this, sell the watch, buy a Mate 20 X and I've still got a bargain. Assuming this even ships.

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      Mine got transmitted to the warehouse. Forgot to do express shipping but it's local stock so hopefully won't take long.

      Never received an order confirmation email but appears in my account

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        Status changed to Processing in warehouse

        • -1

          It's a public holiday
          Doubt anyone in the warehouse today

          It's probably being updated automatically

          Knowing that kogan already fixed the error, they would have put a hold on all orders until tomorrow morning

          • @easternculture: PAYMENT PROCESSED
            Expected dispatch date: 29 January 2019

            maybe it is an automatic update again.

  • out of stock already? That was quick.

  • It was out of stock within about 40mins.. Had to be quick :)

  • showing 1259 when i applied the code, is it ended?

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    Gutted, I snooze I lose. This was an insane deal.

  • screenshots of the discount? so i can do a shoppers protection on credit card lol ;)

    • Https://ibb.co/sF8rgyx

      Explain shopper protection, maybe I can do that with mine too depending on which card gets hit (I changed it afterwards away from the card with all the perks but may have been too late)

      • bummer, doesn't how kogan branding etc, not sure they'd believe that haha.

        Certain cards have shoppers price protection so when you buy an item on the card, if the price drops within a certain period, they'll refund the difference to your card.

        I only became aware of it just over a year ago. To give you an example

        bought LG v30+ for $1,150, Price is now around $500. Hence they refunded me the difference. I essentially paid $500 for a brand new phone on day 1

        bought the huawei mate 20 pro for $1600, it's now around $1150. Got it on day 1 :)

        I use the 28 degrees mastercard or the coles mastercard. Check the T&Cs as they change

  • It's back in stock!!! For $1399 now lol..

  • All those that got one for the hot price must let every one know whether they receive at that price

  • So I got a reply from Kogan in regards to the HUAWEIVIP code, maybe it was intentional? https://imgur.com/a/Fi3emeP

    • Kogan had told to say about my order:

      Thanks for your email.

      While we can't expedite an order once placed, rest assured that we are working hard to get your order to you as soon as possible.

      Express shipping will be offered when you add the item to your cart if it is available; if not, we can't add this to an order as it is dependent on dispatch location.

      Once your order is shipped, you will receive an email notification.

      Furthermore, I can confirm that the discount was successfully applied to your order.

      Please don't hesitate to contact us if you require any further assistance.

      Kindest regards,

      Customer Care Team

    • Similar. Lucky I took a screen shot and will take it further:

      Thanks for your email.

      I can confirm that the discount was successfully applied to your recent order.

      The total amount you paid for your Huawei Mate20 Pro Dual SIM (128GB, Black) is only $839.00.

      Please don't hesitate to contact us if you require any further assistance.

      • And then this garbage:

        Thanks for your reply.
        Unfortunately, we wish to advise you that our website had the incorrect price displayed.
        Despite our best efforts, with the thousands of items available on our website, pricing errors can occasionally occur.
        I apologise for the inconvenience this may have caused.
        Rest assured that this matter is currently being investigated and we'll have it rectified as soon as possible.
        In the meantime, we recommend to clear your browser's cache. To clear your cache you will need to access your browser's 'Preferences' or 'Settings' and select the option to "Clear Cache and Website Data."
        Thank you for your understanding, and if you require any further assistance, please let me know.

        So it looks like I will get it for $839. But not as good as $750.

        • Hmm so you got yours. Well done!

          Now to see how they handle the other 1000 OzBargain purchases :)

          • @Click_It: Maybe. Still think I may just go with the note 9 if it arrives.

            • @boxall: What is really bugging me with this phone is the curved screen. I know the Note 9 has it too but there are great options for the Note 9 which people are happy with, right up to the Whitestone. On the Mate 20 Pro all I'm hearing is troubles especially where cases will be used like I intend. I don't know why it's so much worse than the Note 9's screen design.

              My whinge aside, Note 9 is better for video especially if doing 4K and is about the best phone for audio recording. Mate 20 Pro wins at stills and has the more interesting camera. Note 9 has the S Pen…

              I still prefer the Huawei for the cameras but the Mate 20 X is my pick.

        • I don't think the 839 is incorrect price. There are so many other phones on sale too.

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    Guys, I have some bad news :-(
    Status changed from "processing in warehouse, dispatches soon" in the morning back to "payment processed" again.

    • same here.

    • Same…

  • Same

  • same

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    Same, and my order does not show dispatch date anymore.

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    My order just got updated to "refund requested"
    It doesn't look like these will get fulfilled.

    • Same

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        Same. Damn!

        Amazon.com.au is the only place I will shop if this is the case.

        • Same and no email

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          Can kogan just cancel our order without notification?I mean at least say sorry.

    • +6


      Sent them a support request asking them to ship it today as I didn't request a refund.

      • ^^lol

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    As I half expected, mine has gone to "Refund Requested" as well earlier this morning with no notification. Funny though, as I just an email from Kogan with the subject "xxx, a few things to go with your Huawei Mate20 Pro Dual SIM" trying to upsell me on accessories. I know it's probably automated, but at least send the refund notification first!

    • They even ask me to checkout 2 phones in "my cart"…

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    Let's do a class action suit.

    • Im in. My P20 Pro was just cancelled. Bastards

    • Is there any precedent for this? I'm gonna chuck a complaint in with Fair Trading to see if their company T and C contradicts consumer law.

      • Just out of interest, it does appear that they are within their rights according to consumer law to pull the sale due to a pricing error:



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          My friend, the question is whether it was an honest pricing error or marketing stunt.

          It may well actually be pricing error but the cost and nightmare to go through proving that outweigh giving us the item at 30% off or giving us bigger voucher

          That's what I got from watching suit.

        • "A seller can’t attempt to correct the error or claw back any money after they have processed your sale and accepted payment, as the transaction (and the contract) is deemed complete at this point."

          • @am03fj: Yeah, the question is whether a pending charge on your credit card is considered a complete sale (or not). I don't think there's any definitive answer on this according to consumer law.

  • I got the email from Kogan said it was a pricing error and give me $10 eVouche. LOL

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    We wish to advise you that a pricing error occurred on the Kogan.com website for a brief period of time on Monday 28/01/2019. Unfortunately the price for items in your Kogan.com order F9J6MRJ2 were displayed incorrectly when you placed your order. Despite our best efforts, with the thousands of items available on our website, pricing errors can occasionally occur.

    In our Website Terms and Conditions, it is noted that where an item's correct price is higher than our stated price, we may, at our discretion, cancel the order. In accordance with this provision, your order has now been cancelled and will not be dispatched on this occasion. Please allow 2 business days for your refund to be processed, and up to 5 business days for the funds to appear in your account.

    We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused and thank you for your understanding. As a goodwill gesture, we would like to offer you a $10 eVoucher, which you can use on our full range of products at www.kogan.com. Your eVoucher code is ….

    $10!!! Wow Kogan, you're really sweeping me off my feet!

    • +1

      you have to spend more than $100 to redeem this voucher and it is expired in two days.

      • +1

        Yeah I didn't expect much but they made sure they gave us nothing at all

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      $10 Account Credit

      Limit one per order.
      Applicable only on orders above $100.00.
      Cannot be used in conjunction with other Kogan.com credits.
      Credit expires 31 January 2019

      Thank you kogan! Thank you very much!

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        Very shitty

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        Same here, I've written to them explaining my disgust at their poor service. If they don't change their tune I'll be going further… Somehow.

        They say it was a pricing error, yet the price was correct, it was the 40% discount they're back-pedalling on.

        Previously I haven't bought from Kogan. Not impressed at all with them with this. Impossible to speak with them by phone, and they're very slow / don't reply by web/email.

        • Also hit them up on FB.

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