eBay Suspended All My Accounts

It really happened. Yesterday I used $200 gift card bought from ebay uk on my new account on ebay au with 15% off.
And today all my eBay account, including my main account got suspended. It turns out I had made 17 accounts and my wife accounts is suspended too.
I am not sure if i will get my items or if I will get my main account reopened as it still has giftcard credits.
Damn it sucks to be me. I just talked to customer service and they are not reopening my account.

Any advice? I would at least want one account to be used for eBay purchases. May be i have to move to another place and change my legal name :(

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  • I bet OP got his 17 accounts suspended while creating the 18th…

  • Not sure what their rules are, but I followed the advice of fellow OZB commenters, so if I get banned, I'm blaming you guys.

    I have two UK accounts that I used to buy discounted GCs, and a US account that I used once when ebay US ran a 15% off sitewide deal.

    I have used $1100 in GCs on my main AU account, but also have a secondary AU account that I made one purchase on during a promo code that was one time use only.

    Have not been suspended yet, but kind of worried because it does go against the spirit of ebay's law, if not the letter of the law.

    But I got my advice from you guys (I asked if it was ok first), so before you judge me, take a good look in the mirror.

    • I think the issue is if you create too many accounts in a short period of time.
      Also, if one account gets suspended, don’t sign up again straight away otherwise all your accounts will be suspended.
      The OP was suspended before yet continued to sign up to 17 accounts.
      How long did the OP take to sign up for 17 accounts?

    • I am doing exactly the same as u
      one uk account one usa account for buy ebay gift card
      two ebay au account if the code is one time use per account

  • Also try calling 1800 427 403 - this is the trust and safety team - hopefully still the same number

  • I wonder if 17 is the lucky number or they just have a huge list of potential multiple account users they have to go through and inspect individually on a case by case basis.. i have like 3 - 5 but only use 3 really and it was because of their own systems problems messing up my logins and all sorts of site account errors even at one point confusing my australian account with the US

    got it fixed in the end but ebay is a minefield of messy UX for me

  • With the money ebay will now save maybe they can give the rest of us 20% sitewide

  • If you fk with eBay, they will fk you back a lot harder.
    And with no recourse.

    My business acct was terminated with zero possibility of reinstatement.
    It happened during a period of "account verification" and was all about to be resolved when, unbeknownst to me, "someone within the company" listed one of our branded products for sale using his relative's personal account.

    During the verification period, we were not permitted to list anything for sale.

    So….eBay found the listing and banned us completely and forever.

    • Dont understand why personal account cant sell branded item?


      If you fk with eBay, they will fk you back a lot harder.
      And with no recourse lubricant

      Sounds like a painful lesson for you .

  • You were scamming and got shut down. Learn from this and live a decent life. Apologize to the Wife if she wasn't in on this and was just a victim.

  • It turns out I had made 17 accounts and my wife accounts is suspended too.

    Why imply that you had no idea, you knew what you were doing and got caught. Advice? Work smart and stop whining.

  • 17 accounts lmao

  • All these mofos on here acting holier than thou. Some of the best bargains on here have revolved around abusing something.

    • ..its ozbargain. not scambargain…

    • Yeh, I'm sure some good bargains could be had if we raided your house. As long as it's a bargain, it's fine, that's the Ozbargain spirit right.

      • Let's not compare apples and oranges here. Break and enter, then theft is hardly comparable to breaking some company's policies.

        • But…bargains, so its ok. Hmm fraud is a bit more than just breaking a companys policy.

  • No doubt humans are scum. A good reminder to the filth that inhabits this world.

  • ….im crying you a river mate

  • All my accounts ? lol
    I am sending you 17 roses :)

  • Dispute all your ebay transactions with your bank. But forget about buying anything from ebay again.

  • Damn OP, 17…. This ban means they've probably blacklisted your postal address as well, so even if you create new ones, you'll probably have to beg sellers to ship to parcel lockers. :/ I think it's safe to say mods should disallow talks of creating multiple ebay accounts on threads, a number of these gift card deals have gone straight to the frontpage.

  • I had bought 3 items and one them worth 120 has issues with shipping. Seller has said he will refund me and cant reship the item. So i am not sure now how i will get the credits back. On my main account the customer support said they will not tranfer the credit i had worth $30. But in my new account they did they tell me to contact them if i dont get an item.