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ZVOX Z-Base 220 TV Surround Sound System $79.16 Delivered @ GraysOnline eBay


If you are still using your TV's internal speakers, this is a great upgrade for a great price as long as you don't mind the size of it (quite large in depth). It's a bit of old product but nice speakers are nice speakers. I highly doubt you can get better speakers for the price.

Bonus round: Since stock level is low on this (2 left as of writing), I can't post this one below under separate thread - price is $379.05 after PUSH5 (RRP is approx. $849). I bought one myself.
Canton DM9 2.1 virtual soundbar

Product website Link: https://www.canton.de/en/home-cinema/tv-soundsystem/dm-9

If you're not familiar with Canton, it's a very popular, good quality speaker brand from Germany.

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    What it the world.. is that thing.

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    My Sony TV is either inaudible or siren level loud. Would external speakers fix this?

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      All tv speakers are a crime against audio. Even those on my $4k Sony tv make my ears hurt.

      Ideally get a soundbar with HDMI-CEC so you don't need an extra remote


        Second that. I just installed my 42" Panasonic today, powered on the TV, the sound is really bad - very hollow. That's why I went straight to internet trying to look for speakers and came across the Canton.

        For my main TV, I use Yu Kanto 4 active bookshelf (instead of soundbar) for daily general watching and for proper movie time I use my bigger floorstanding speakers. Almost all modern TVs have shit audio quality these days…. TVs are so thin now, it's just not possible/cost effective to fit a proper speaker in it.

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    No HDMI nor bluetooth … was this made in the 80's? Although usually double this price when on special I'd still recommend most go with the Yamaha ATS-1080 Soundbar in the low end price bracket.

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      Oh the ignorance, Analog > HDMI, at this level of amp though i'd probably prefer HDMI convenience.


    Are Canton speakers made in Canton or Germany?
    The ZVOX will go well with my Sony Trinitron setup for my PS1.


    Hows Canton DM9 compared to something like YAS 207?


    UPDATE: Received the Canton DM9, it is really good! The remote is solid AF. Quality product all over.


    Got mine installed it, so far so good. Just need to figure out how I can use my Sony remote to control the audio.

    Also underestimated how narrow it is. So I had to buy a 60cm wide tile at Bunnings to put on top of it so the stand would sit on it…


      Quality construction, no?
      The Canton DM9 turned out to be really good sound wise. I ran some high quality spotify songs connected through my phone and it is good enough as living room wireless speaker.

      Powerful enough to fill large room. I think same as yours it will have good sound quality too.


        Yeah sound seems ok. I noticed I had to set TV to PCM output because there was no sound on the HD TV channels. Now I'm getting intermittent sound output when Chromecast YouTube. Grrr

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