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iPhone 6S 32GB Space Grey $429 (Prepaid, Locked to Telstra, Save $100) @ Telstra


iPhone 6s 32GB Space Grey (Prepaid) $429 @ Telstra down from $529
Not sure how long it will last.

Compatibility: Telstra Pre-Paid mobiles will only work with a Telstra SIM card. Unlocking fee applies for use with a non-Telstra SIM card. See more unlocking information here

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  • +4

    Received phone yesterday. Put a Catch Connect (Optus) Sim in and it works perfectly. No unlocking needed. Great phone, very happy with it.

  • -3

    Don't know if it has been said earlier - but this is a refurbished phone, not new.

    Might not matter to anyone, but interestingly it doesn't mention it at all on the Telstra site - surely they can't pass off used and refurbished as new?

  • +2

    Where is the evidence for this?

  • Just bought one at JB $419 with a $30 sim

  • -1

    Does this come with an Apple warranty?

  • +1

    This is a great deal, and I was tempted to buy.

    But it's not enough storage for me. For $3 less than this, I picked up a brand new 128GB (it's even an Australian model number) on eBay with a 5% eBay discount.

    • From where?

  • Hi anyone can please confirm if this can be use with Amaysim sim card? Read all the comments but still not certain if I can unlock this prepaid phone without charges.

    • Should be fine, worked with our jeenee card.

  • Another vote for unlocked. Bought one for my son which arrived today. Put in his Jeenee (Optus) sim card and all good.

  • Just picked one up for $419 at JB Hi-Fi for my ten-year-old after his OPPO died (cause, you know, kids NEED an iPhone these days apparently). Put his Belong SIM in and works fine.

  • Anyone had Officeworks pricebeat this deal from either Telstra or JB Hifi?

  • Just checked, Officeworks does not pricebeat prepaid phones. Also the phone is definitely locked if buying from JB Hifi.

  • +1

    Just rang the Telstra unlocking, my JB Hifi purchased iPhone 6s was free to unlock, just need to restore via iTunes with a non-Telstra SIM in the iPhone.

    Am upgrading from a iPhone 5 (now considered obsolete by Apple in Australia, yet vintage in California and Turkey)-that had the battery replaced with a third-party one sometime last year at a kiosk for me at Robina Town Centre.

    • Can anyone who has this model, comment on its battery life?

  • Can anyone confirm if the iPhone 6s purchased from JB Hifi can be used with a Boost SIM card out of the box?

    • +1

      Not sure about Boost but a friend got one from jb hi fi and it worked with Aldi sim out the box

      • Thanks mate

  • My JB Hifi purchased iPhone 6s was free to unlock after ringing Telstra up.

    Just need to restore via iTunes with a non-Telstra SIM in the iPhone.

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