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Halo Top and Connoisseur Ice Cream Tubs $5 Each (50% off) @ Woolworths (Online Only)


Title says it all. Online only.

Other ice creams also half price such as magnum tubs, bulla splits and golden gaytime.

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  • $30 min spend for pickup meh

    • and not guaranteed that you will get any either… i really dislike how they just drop things you ordered when they are out of stock. Its always the items thats on sale that I wanted too. All the other items I ordered to make up $30 is there but none of the sale items.

  • The dupe post is more active now.

  • Halotop icecream is onnnnn point!

    • If by "on point" you mean worth throwing in the bin.. Then yes.. It tastes vile

    • +1 I have had the Vanilla Bean twice before and it was good.

      Also, availed myself of this offer today (placed the order online last night for pick up at Macquarie Centre) and everything that I ordered was in stock. Pick up took around 15-20 mins from when I rocked up to when I left (the delay was waiting for someone to serve me at the counter and them fetching the ice creams and frozen fruit from the freezer) so about the same as what I would spend when I go in anyway but half price=prepared to wait (plus they chucked in a free bag of Lindt Dark Chocolate bites with Berries as a gift so it wasnt too bad).

  • Does anyone want to give their rankings on similar sized/priced icecream tubs?