Need Advice on How to Repel House Spider

Got to spot 3 big hoise spiders in last 10 days. Firstly it was limited to my bathroom. But yesterday I spotted one at my bedroom. I have phobia about spiders and had to kill it before going to bed.

Seems that it entered my room when the balcony door was slightly open.

I talked to my property manager whether pest control is possible. But he said that I need to spend for pest control, not the owner.

Please share some ideas on how to Repel them to enter my house. At the moment, I am keeping my doors and windows closed at all times, but it cannot be the long term solution.


  • Make sure you don't have gaps in your flyscreen. Buy a diy pest control spray at Bunnings or woolies/coles.

    • pest control spray at Bunnings help a little

  • Fire.

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    What type?

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      It's a rental so probably a townhouse or attached units?

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    Get a pet lizard

  • Theres so many ways for spiders to get in your house - besides the door! Heating and cooling vents, through windows and screens, on washing hung outside, up drains…

    Good luck OP

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      Welp. OP's not sleeping tonight lol.

  • Just get some surface spray from Bunnings. I think its the mortein one in the large 4 ltr container. Spray all perimter walls near openings and around bedroom corners. Do a test on a discreet part of wall to ensure no marks left behind after spraying.

    You do know they crawl over your mouth when you are asleep. That's why you move in bed and not stay in the one position. They also get in your ears. :)

    • Scintex. Much cheaper than Bunnings if you need quantities larger than that for a tiny house.

      They come in super concentrates but work out to be a fraction of the cost of Bunnings.

  • Need to know what sort of spider it was.

    • Hahaha @ poisonous…. I’ll try to remember not to eat to many of them then. Venomous perhaps?

    • white-tail spider deadly and dangerous??

      I thought they were one of the ones we don't have to worry about dying if we get bitten by one

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    If its a harmles spider. You could potentially deal with your phobia.
    Finding out what type of spider it is might be the first step.
    Then once you realise it is harmless variety, that should help you be able to tolerate it being closeby.
    Then go talk to him like you would a pet etc, and make him/her your pet . Ie. Let it be free, but greet him/her when you see them, give them a name even .

    Depends how bad your 'phobia' is though Major phobia might require extensive treatment from a psychologist, to get to 'extinction of phobia' , whereby through exposure and therapy, you become no longer worried or afraid (to put it simply).

    You might find once you learn that it is a completely harmless variety of spider, your fear and anxiety might instantly decrease significantly. In which case, you will most likely become more and more comfortable with it (him/her) over time :)

  • Mine’s called Mr. Bitey.

    • Mine is Steve. He is an asshat. He doesn't stay in his spot.

  • You might need to move to a different country where the spiders aren’t so big.

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    charge it rent, it will get out then :)
    or make it do the dishes

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      Or slow down the internet. They'll try to break the lease.

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        They create their own interwebs.

  • Suggest you pay for the pest control.

    however i could say that it is a grey area, if the spider spread to make your house/unit inhabitable then they will need to pay to rectify.

    Try to exaggerate the problem and see if the agent can pay half of the cost, pest control normally last for 1 year then you need to re do it.

  • If it/they are huntsman, they are docile, safe to have around and great fly (etc.) catchers, I have a natural fear of creepy crawlies but I leave those critters to get on with the insect-catching job they do so well.

  • Spider run away from smoke, so you can try some fogging or smoke option around the balcony, windows or doors. There are some sprays available in market for insect killer they will also work on spiders.

  • I remember this place I had my bus parked, the dunnies in there were covered in huntsmans; it makes you go quick ;)

  • Plenty of $99 pest control blokes out there with 6 month or 1 Yr guarantees. If you have a phobia then you could spend that for peace of mind. Would be better to try and deal with the phobia though as we have spiders everywhere in Australia :) No escaping them :P

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