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Didnt even show up on mine. Was wearing out the F5 as well.
25/05/2019 - 01:02
You are thinking of Abercrombie & Fitch.
24/05/2019 - 16:49
Just the base game. No DLCs.
22/05/2019 - 17:43
Do they come with Aus wall plugs, or do we have to order them later?
19/05/2019 - 18:24
I'd like to know too lol. Bought one first!
19/05/2019 - 18:10
I think that's the general idea with that name.
17/04/2019 - 23:41
Lol can't tell if 96 is a typo or for reals.
09/04/2019 - 23:01
Was $4 at EB Games a couple of months back.
08/04/2019 - 19:47
That's one of the most vapid blog posts ever!
04/04/2019 - 00:41
Why would water cause it to go toxic? Don't you take pills with water?
24/03/2019 - 23:20
Nice, RAM usually has product lifetime warranty, so just bring it back to the place of purchase after Memtest confirms the error, and you...
17/03/2019 - 07:49
After all that, it's probably the RAM or mobo. Pretty high chance it's the RAM. Run Memtest individually on each stick of RAM and see how...
16/03/2019 - 12:33
Username checks out
24/02/2019 - 19:15
It's only dangerous if you are living in a Michael Bay movie.
24/02/2019 - 15:44
Maybe you are shaking it wrong..?
20/02/2019 - 23:35
They create their own interwebs.
31/01/2019 - 18:24
They do need to be steamed. Microwaving them would make them rubbery rocks. More or less.
30/01/2019 - 16:49
Looks like it has been discontinued. One of my favourites out of their range.
30/01/2019 - 16:48
I'm guessing one would be the regular burger sized beef patty, and the other would be the whopper sized patty.
26/01/2019 - 01:16
Haha would be nice to have a backup.
03/01/2019 - 23:43
Bought at full price from Shopro, still great value! As a field tech who uses it everyday, I can't appreciate enough the lightweight...
03/01/2019 - 23:38
They do! Emailed the invoice.
03/01/2019 - 23:14
What about men buying for wives, partners and girlfriends? Uh, asking for a friend.
02/01/2019 - 08:02
Oh wow, thanks for that info! So that kinda confirms that the USA is reliably the only country still using the imperial system.
01/01/2019 - 15:56
This! I don't get it. They threw a little tea party and a small war to get away from the Imperials, and now still insist on using the...
01/01/2019 - 03:54
Sorry what? Talking numbers as in.. maths? Maths = sex? Hope to get some clarification before booking a ticket.
01/01/2019 - 03:47
I think it's because they use that hand for washing the bum after toilet use, and also why only the right hand is used for eating. If not...
01/01/2019 - 03:45