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D-Link DIR-895 AC5300 Router $199 @ MSY


Just ordered one, Umart is $440. I am not sure when it ends, as I don't see they run any promotion of this model.

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    Also a free bonus from website….

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    Good deal…but just check reviews before buying

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    Good price…. i have gone threw 3 of these on rma in a year the wireless keeps turning it self off so be careful guys…

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    DDWRT compatible.

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      Reckon this would overcome the issues mentioned in the terrible reviews (i.e. maybe it's the software, not the hardware)?

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    Good price. $440 is just silly money - you should be buying mesh products for this amount - but at $200 it's a different story.

    • I think can pay a bit more to get Netgear RBK20, mesh product.

    • Yeah, I'm wondering why you wouldn't biy Ubiquiti kit for tbat kind if dough.

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      $200 is an absolute con for anything D-Link

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    Thats a nice spaceship

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      Probably works better as a spaceship than a router by the sounds of things.

    • Its the next DJI Mavic!

  • Oof this is tempting, even with Wi-Fi 6 imminent.

  • Can someone please recommend a decent NBN modem to go with this router?

    • Belong modem ($5 on Gumtree)… Been using it in bridge mode from a couple of years, hasn't missed a beat.

      • are all NBN modems unlocked?
        Can I buy any cheap one from any service provider and it will work with my FTTN?

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          Someone told me NBN modems linked to the address.

          • @Diji1: just look into if you are going to need annex a or b

    • Don't you just get a free one when you join NBN?

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    I don't know guys… I don't think it has enough antennas. :/

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      Dies anyone look at that and think about how it's antenna output would add up? Maybe 50mW x 10 = 5 watts in your home!

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        50mW x 10 is 0.5W not 5W

  • Can someone explain to me why it says on this ebay description of the same item posted here that it's "NOT COMPATIBLE WITH 'FTTN' NBN CONNECTIONS"

    I thought all routers work with any internet connection bridged to separate modem?

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      Just means you would need a separate router for the FTTN but you can still use this.

      Usually makes sense to have a single device for simplicity/power usage.

    • if it was fiber to the home it would be fine. but due to the copper we still use the node requires a modem to make the connection.

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    The reviews on this router on amazon US is scary.


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      lol love the reviews.

      It's so fast that it died in 6 hours.

  • Is it correct to believe that multiple mesh devices can be a better alternative to a super-duper router with lots of antennae? Moving into a big highset house soon, with a shed out the back, and assume a mesh setup would support that better.

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      Generally, yes. Look into Ubiquiti Access Points.

    • Definitely consider mesh instead for a large house. I've had 3 expensive routers at the time (Netgear r8000 and 6200s) to cover a large house, and it was a huge improvement switching them for 3 cheapo mesh points (Google WiFi).

  • Thanks OP, ordered even though it'll be sitting in the box for quite a few months.
    Still in stock via NSW-online, SA-online & WA-online

  • check the size of the antenna on your end post device phone or lap top ….. to get the performance levels and distances they claim you would need similar gain antennas not just on the router but also end device ….

    from a sales perspective it’s easier to sell a new router than get people to buy a new phone or laptop to get better wireless….we see lots of router tests but not phone wireless or laptop wireless tests.

    looking at the size of the chipset and heat sink and antenna on my ac1900 pci card in my PC i am amazed how they get the same claimed performance from a phone wireless chipset and antenna…

  • Not that cheap. Just saw it on sale at JB just now.



  • D-Link are absolute rubbish. I sold them for a while and they would just stop working. I went out to a customer whose dlink modem had stopped working. I replaced it and when powering everything back up their D-Link switch popped. It wasn't easy explaining why I had to replace both.

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    Does this come with a GoPro mount?

  • To those who bought and received this router, were you able to make the bridged connection to your NBN modem successfully?

    I am with Exetel and have not been successful in connecting to the internet after puting ZTE 268A in Bridge Mode.

    Not sure if my settings are wrong or it's hardware fault. Any insights would be appreciated.

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