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EB Games under $10 (Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, Mafia 3, Destiny 2, Wolfenstein New Order, Far Cry 3 Classic etc.)


Found this in my mail box:
Super Saturday Sale
Sale is live

Under $10:
Destiny 2 Steelbook (PS4, Xbox One, PC) $9
Prey (PS4, Xbox One, PC) $9
Wolfenstein The New Order (PS4, Xbox One) $9
Far Cry 3 Classic Edition (PS4, Xbox One) $9
Lego Movie Videogame (PS4, Xbox One) $9
Mafia 3 (PS4, Xbox One) $9
Dissidia Final Fantasy NT (PS4) $9
Pure Farming 2018 (what the?) (PS4, Xbox One) $9
Nintendo Labo Customisation Set (Switch) $5
Sushi Striker: The way of Sushido 3DS $9

Under $20:
Earthfall (PS4, Xbox One) $19
Sushi Striker: The way of Sushido (Switch) $19

Under $30:
MotoGP18 (PS4, Xbox One) $29
Vampyr (PS4, Xbox One) $29

Crash Bandicoot: N-Sane Trilogy Golden Totaku Edition (Xbox One) $39
Nintendo Labo Robot Kit (Switch) $59
Fallout - Pip-Boy 2000 Mk VI Self-Assembly Construction Kit $124
Overwatch - Genji Sword Replica $149

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EB Games Australia

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  • Sushi Striker under $10, time to get it.

  • Was going to buy Sushi Striker for $23 on Switch today… glad I didn't

  • Anyone know if Final Fantasy Dissidia on PS4 is any good? The images looks quite attractive

  • Amazon to price match then?

  • Not much love for the switch …

  • So it goes live in 2.5hrs?

    Online sales link?

  • Tempted by Vampyr.

  • Is this online only or instore as well?

    • You can click and collect.

    • It is in store, but not marked - I went and bought Wolfenstein for $9 (ticket had it at $19, I asked the guy at the counter who checked the computer & yes, it was $9).

  • I wonder if Pure Farming 2018 is the latest Final Fantasy XIV expansion

  • 1:01 am NSW time and the prices aren't live yet
    This is an outrage!

  • 12:01 and no sale yet

  • It's live, go to the product page!

  • Just got myself Prey 2 Steel Case edition for $9

    • Destiny 2 has a steel case edition… Did you mean that?

      • Yep sorry, Destiny 2.

        I was watching Prey reviews after I got Destiny 2.

        • Tried to like Prey but found it really fiddly and hard to get into. All the review people loved it but I wouldn't recommend…

        • Sigh, went and picked it up, opened Battle.net redeemed code, YOU ALREADY OWN THIS PRODUCT, the hell? Check all my emails, no history of ever buying this game. Nor have I ever played it. So I have started downloading it (86GB), and will see what happens.

          • @AdosHouse: Destiny 2 was given away for free in Nov 2018

            • @imcold: So basically I paid $9 for a metal case and a rifle code? That's a little crap.

              Wait was it given to everyone or did you have to redeem it?

              EDIT: Never mind, found it https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/413530 , must have redeemed it.

              • @AdosHouse: You paid $9 so you have the chance to pay $100 more for DLC expansion content.

                I too was thinking about buying the game until my research showed it was given as a freebie earlier which I'm pretty sure I claimed.

                Howrver the original promotion may also require you claim and also download the game for you to own it.

                Whether the download part is actuslly required I'm not sure.

                • @imcold: It's not required to have downloaded it during the freebie offer, just claimed it in battle.net client. I'm downloading it right now for the first time ever for free.

                • @imcold: It wouldn't let me claim my EB Games bought code, and it is downloading now, so I'll see. Well, when it finishes downloading anyway. It was getting a good 50Mbps (50Mbps NBN connection) for the first 10GB, but now it is fluctuating around 300KBps to 10Mbps. Probably a shitty Blizzard server.

                  • @AdosHouse: Got to admit I did exactly the same thing :( I guess that shows if its free, its unlikely would have played it. I payed $9 for the chance to play something I already had for free - and now I will makesure I play it… ahha

        • Returned mine and swapped for something else. Forgot I had it from when it was free for a while.

          • @Munki: I had already redeemed the rifle code so that was out.

            It's an okay game. I have been playing it for the last few days, and sometimes I just like a run around and shoot stuff game. The game has no real plot, nothing is explained (like what the hell the currency and stuff do), characters are forgettable, and the multiplayer little games are just repetitive. It is no wonder it was given away for free.
            But like I said, I do sometimes enjoy a game where I just run around and shoot stuff.

            • @AdosHouse: Will have to give it a play when I finally get NBN. I've been avoiding opening Steam because my internet is so shit and the updates for games like PUBG are ridiculous and almost daily.

              • @Munki: It is a Blizzard game, so you have to use the Battle.net launcher. Also it is almost 90Gb download.

                This is the first "multiplayer" game I have pretty much ever player. Up to about 5 years ago we only had ADSL1 in the estate I live in. So I never really got into multiplayer games because I literally could not play them.

                • @AdosHouse: I'm currently connected at 3Mbit/s so, it's pretty craptastic. Yeah I know it's a Battlenet game. I haven't bothered opening it either as the updates for Diablo 3 kills it for me. Also a 90GB download just doesn't sound like fun on my connection. hahaha

                  • @Munki: God bless you Australian internet.

                    Yeah that's a pretty crap speed. That's low even for ADSL1. Are you on a satellite connection?

                    • @AdosHouse: I'm on adsl2, but extremely far from the exchange. I'm basically at the furthest point between two exchanges.

                      So the NBN will be a welcome change for me. That's apparently going live in April.

                      • @Munki: Ah I see.

                        The reason we were on slow ADSL1 for a while is when the estate was built, Telstra installed cheap rims everywhere. But the one upside, was your nearest "exchange" or rim box, was only 100m down the road. Downside was you had to go either with Telstra, or the more expensive off-net (?) plans with others.

                        • @AdosHouse: I was living in a place that had the same thing, but thankfully Optus cable was available on the street! So to go from cable to 3Mbit ADSL2 was quite devastating…

                          You must be relieved to be on NBN.

                          • @Munki: Its annoying that my brother was on optus cable about 16 years ago, and then 13 years ago we moved into a new estate that only had ADSL1. Screw you Telstra.

                            And yeah NBN was a blessing for us. We actually get a consistent 50Mbps connection. No slow downs.

                            • @AdosHouse: Damn. Can't wait for it to go live. Just hope we don't get messed around with installation for the port. You with Aussie BB?

                              • @Munki: Ironically Telstra.

                                Needed international phone call on the landline. Once you add a call package in, Telstra were about even in pricing.

                                • @AdosHouse: Ah I suppose if you needed the landline as well….Because I thought Telstra didn't offer 100Mbit, so the value wouldn't be the same.

  • on sale now

  • Sweet as. Got Destiny 2 and Prey for PC and Sushi Striker for 3DS. $27 click and collect. Just hope the stock levels are correct.

  • $9 Prey for PC, lowest according to ITAD.

    • Awesome, have been waiting for this game
      Sounds underappreciated if you are into Dues Ex type games.

  • Was going to go for click and collect but went with delivery as with this sale stores might not have enough stock for a lot of people and order might be cancelled.
    I ordered Vampyr, Crash Bandicoot Totaku Edition and Sushi Striker on the Switch and my delivery was only $5.95

  • Sweet! Got Far Cry 3 Classic Edition and Prey! Thanks OP! Picking it up!

  • Genji Blade $149 - Sweet! Didn't buy it though it'd just collect dust

    Got Prey and Dissidia on PS4

  • Thanks Op. Click and collecting sushi striker, far cry 3 and Dissidia C:

  • EB needs to go back to being hugely overpriced so I can start saving money again

  • Seems to be the cheapest anywhere for the Crash Tokatu Edition.

    Funny that my first physical game that I’m buying on XBox One X will be a PlayStation game.

  • All of Nintendo labo seems to be on sale too.

  • Thanks got Dissidia NT $9 worth collecting as FF fan

  • It's an old title, but if you haven't already get Wolfenstein: The New Order. One of the best single player FPS of the decade

  • Can anyone recommend Destiny 2 or Wolfensten the new order better?

  • Thanks for this - got Prey for the PC after hearing good things about it.

  • Got Prey, Mafia III & Wolfenstein for $27! Bargain. Thanks OP.

  • How long do the games stay in store of you click and collect?

    I ordered a couple today and will pick up Monday.

    Also, how flexible are they if I send my wife to pick them up? Will they need ID?

    • For Click and Collect for in stock products they will hold your order for up to 6 weeks. Plenty of time to pick it up :D

      I've never had someone else pick up a click and collect but thier FAQ says this:

      "If you need someone else to collect your Click & Collect order on your behalf, please call our Customer Service Team on 133 930 to confirm."

      • They didn't even check my ID this morning. Just asked to see the pickup email on my phone to scan the barcode on it. I'd say if you forward her the email, it'll be fine.

    • I've had my girlfriend collect my order on occasion, I've always given her my EB World card and forwarded her the email for the order and its never been an issue at the stores she has collected from.

  • Thanks OP! Picked up Wolfenstein and Sushi Striker with Click and Collect :3

    • Why is sushi striker good?

      • It's a wacky Japanese puzzle game that revolves around throwing plates of sushi at your enemies, it's an alright puzzle game for the $10/$19, definitely not worth full price though.

  • Couldn't go past Far Cry 3: Classic Edition for $9. Another Far Cry that I'll be 100%ing over the next two to three weeks.

  • Great sale - I already had a few of these titles mentioned on the xbox otherwise would have purchased more.

    Gravel $12 is about what its reviewed at, but worth a go for the kids and when I get a wheel.

    The Evil within $4 - poor man's Resident Evil perhaps….

    Lego movie $9 for kids was what go the ball rolling to buy.

    Enjoy your loot

    • Poor man's RE? It was made by the RE creator himself, Shinji Mikami. More like a spiritual successor to RE. Amazing game. It did a lot better than the abomination that is RE6.

  • Thanks OP! Grabbed Sushi Striker - click and collect Northland.

  • Bought a Overwatch Genji Sword. $149 is a great price.

  • Crash Bandicoot worth it for $40 (Golden Tokatu Edition)? Ever been this cheap before ?

  • They’re also selling Steep: Winter Games Edition for $12 for anyone interested.

  • Anyone contemplating prey. GET IT. I've only played an hour or so and already hooked. Can't wait to delve deeper.