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These were on amazon for $39 earlier during the week so i think restocks will be a plenty.
27/11/2021 - 13:22
Got one of these a few years ago. They are alright but it regularly gets stuck. Would recommend people put the money to a model with...
25/11/2021 - 11:38
Wish this wasn't targeted. Would have loved to grab ghosts for $59 on ps5
24/11/2021 - 01:50
I hate every sparkling water brand except this one. I think i prefer the pineapple + Orange flavor over the rasp but you honestly can't go...
22/11/2021 - 01:20
Definetly wait until black friday. It is normally part of JB's buy one get one free too so I wouldn't pay more then $50 for it personally.
20/11/2021 - 20:37
Anyone have any experience with these drives? Looking at the 2tb specifically as I've really been running out of storage on games lol
20/10/2021 - 17:46
I'd hope your not spending $100 on a 500mb SSD... or buying a 10GB HDD
17/10/2021 - 17:22
As someone who doesn't normally like JRPG this was my favourite game of 2020. Highly recommend it to anyone who is at all interested in the...
17/07/2021 - 16:26
My personal experience with hisense has been great! I've had the hisense 55m7000 for nearly 4 years and never had any problems.
09/07/2021 - 15:54
Oh good to hear! Can't wait to see it
21/06/2021 - 16:29
Decided to pickup alien. Unsure if i will like it as I'm not really a fan of horror or gore but the price is too good!
21/06/2021 - 02:21
I used to get this bad when i had my old office chair. I bought a cushion and it helped a bit but upgrading to be a better chair helped...
02/06/2021 - 19:14
Spent 80 hours+ in Yakuza 0 and I still hadn't come close to 100% What an amazing game well worth the money.
16/04/2021 - 19:08
Does this come with the normal case or just the steelbook?
15/02/2021 - 13:17
Of course this brand is the one my work has been using all throughout the pandemic...
17/12/2020 - 01:20
You can swap the S/X enhanced games that you aren't playing onto an external HDD and swap them back when your ready to play, thats I've...
11/12/2020 - 15:16
They are pretty cheap these days, and its not like the extra storage on the X and PS5 make up that much of a difference.
11/12/2020 - 14:56
I mean you could always just delete the games you are done playing or use an external HDD for games that your not playing?
11/12/2020 - 14:53
Personally i dont recommend this on xbox. It never got a next gen patch/onex so its locked at 30fps. If you must play it on console then...
20/11/2020 - 17:45
Got one! thanks OP
02/10/2020 - 18:11
Hoping for an xbox version at this price! I loved Re2 Remake!
22/09/2020 - 12:38
Holy i wish i caught this, I need a new hdd mines nearly full...
11/09/2020 - 16:16
i buy them often i just never noticed no cashback anymore.... It still goes through just for $0 lol
10/09/2020 - 15:06
Just had a look, I never knew. Was that recent? I swear you used to get cashback for games...
09/09/2020 - 16:45
Isn't it better to wait till closer to release so you can use shopback/cashrewards? afaik pre orders need to be shipped before 60 days for...
09/09/2020 - 15:02
Was going to buy blazing Chrome on xbox. I guess I don't have to now!
04/08/2020 - 23:48
Does it matter in this case though? The game is free on release day and if you had it pre ordered you would be silly not to cancel it. It's...
03/06/2020 - 15:58