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Palmolive Hand Wash Refill 1L $3.25 @ Priceline, Woolworths, Amazon AU | 250ml $1.12 @ Amazon AU (Free Del with Prime/$49 Spend)


Palmolive Hand Wash Refill 1L $3.25 @ Priceline / Amazon AU, 250ml $1.12 @ Amazon AU (Free Delivery with Prime)
1L $3.25 Amazon link
1L $3.25 Woolies link - Credit to philsw

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  • For reference, Refills are same price at Woolworths right now and Coles often has the same price.

  • Aldi brand ones are cheaper.

  • 2.99 aldi handwash refill everyday.

  • The cherry blossom one is quite nice (it also DOESNT’T kill 99.9% of bacteria, which I think is unnecessary for an everyday handwash)

    • Well I'm around some people often that certainly makes me appreciate the "kills 99.9% of bacteria."

      • You have kids too?

      • Haha warm running water is usually adequate to wash those germs away

        • usually adequate

          That's the problem.
          Also, there's no real difference with warm running water compared to cold water. Hot water is a different thing, but you wouldn't wash your hands with boiling water to wash away germs.

          Not all soaps are created equal. Much less all anti-bacterial soaps.
          Also, especially when working with/around food I'm hoping they use soap. More out of principle than anything.

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      Generally the anti-bacterial handwashes need to be in contact with your skin for at least 30 seconds (and up to 3 minutes) to kill the majority of bacteria.

      If you’re not willing to spend a couple of minutes washing your hands, they’re worse than nothing. They kill off the bacteria that is susceptible to antibacterial solutions (and therefore pretty harmless), leaving the nastier, resistant bacteria to fill the gap left behind.

      Basically, antibacterial handwashes (when used improperly, such as washing your hands for less than a minute or two) just cause your hands to become covered in the nastiest forms of bacteria.

  • Thanks OP, needed this to clean my dirty hands, ordered 3 to put my free prime to some use

  • Expired it said 1.95

  • Thanks OP, I'm suddenly single again so this will come in handy ;)

  • Thanks OP great with bourbon

  • I still have to deal with 30 bottles of hand wash ordered yesterday

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