expired [Android] $0: Applock Pro, Gallery Vault Pro, New Math Puzzles for Geniuses 2019, Ancient Genocide, Free Music Pro @ Google Play

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Best App - Top Droid Team


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    Ancient genocide is fun. Some bugs but hey…. The price is right.

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    I highly recommend App Lock Pro, been using it for about a year now, tried others but this is the best. I paid for it then.

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    Maths puzzles has horrible adverts


    gallery vault pro keep crashing after last update.


    Once again ensure you are comfortable with the permissions you are giving these "Free" apps and you trust the company/developer enough that makes them.

    Both Applock Pro & Gallery Vault Pro require some quite powerful permissions (especially Applock) to function so they are worth a look before downloading.

    Free Music Pro also has a few worth noting:
    Contacts - find accounts on the device
    take pictures and videos
    receive data from Internet
    view Wi-Fi connections
    send sticky broadcast
    run at startup
    draw over other apps
    modify system settings

    Thanks again BA for bringing more free apps to our attention!


    Beware. Not sure if directly related to these installs. I installed the app lock, math and music apps on my Note 8. Couple of hours later I get a notification from the default "device security - powered by mcaffe" telling me that I have some app causing a security threat or something or other. It wanted me to restart my phone to rectify it. I tried to find out more and clicked on "SCAN PHONE" but it came up with a negative. Restarted and still have those apps installed and no other notifications so far…