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Morning Fresh Ultimate Dishwashing Liquid 350ml $1.97 @ Coles


Saw this heck of a deal at Garden City Coles but it should be available at other locations as well.

If you've used Morning Fresh Ultimate before you'll know how good it is!


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  • Also 900 ml is half price at Woolworths

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    Fairly common sale.

  • Great product…

  • That's every 2-3 weeks

  • I use Earth dishwashing liquid that's $2/L all the time.

    • Choice did a recent review of dishwashing detergent a using very rigorous, reproducible methods and a photometer to measure before and after cleaning effect.

      Their review found that Earth Choice had no greater cleaning effect than just using tapwater.

      Ironically this means Earth Choice is actually bad for the planet: it needs to be transported (carbon footprint) and then when you use it you're adding chemicals to water that are unnecessary.

      Morning Fresh Ultimate got their highest score.

      • Hmmm. Curious about their comparison detergent over tap water. How can they get rid the oil residue on the plate with just water? Sound like a BS comparison to me.

      • surely its BS comparison.

        I've used both earht choice and tap water, and can most definately confirm its better than tap water, and i believe its comparable to mornign fresh.

        • @cloudy @darikt No it's a very scientific comparison. Here's the methodology taken from their review:

          How we test dishwashing liquids
          Scrub test
          The plates we use in our test are pre-soiled with blends of different types of stains you'll typically have to deal with at home – rice starch, bolognaise and egg yolk.

          The stained plates were soaked in a 1% solution of test detergent for 10 minutes before placing the tiles in the scrubbing device. The plates are scrubbed a set number of times with a wet sponge.

          Reflectance readings are taken before and after the cleaning process to determine the percentage of soil removed. Each product is tested four times, and the scores are averaged for consistency. The performance score is based on how clean each plate is after reading the result using a spectrophotometer.

          Foam test
          Using 4mL of each dishwashing liquid in five litres of warm water, we wash pre-soiled plates at timed intervals and count the number of plates cleaned until all the foam in the basin dies.

          Why we test this way
          We originally started testing dishwashing liquids based on the industry standard which looked at how long their foam lasts, but soon realised that manufacturers were using cleaning agents (called surfactants) that were better at creating foam rather than those that were better at removing grease. This shift was because consumers are under the impression that more foam equates with better performance. But is this really the case?

          Rather than counting the bubbles in your washing up water, our current testing emphasises the scrub test scores, as this is will actually show you how well the detergent removes grime from your dishes.

          In our most recent dishwashing liquid test, we've included both foaming and scrubbing assessments to give you the full picture. Foam is still important as it helps prevent foodscraps from being redistributed on your plates, but as grime removal is ultimately the best indication of a top-performing product, our overall score gives a far higher weighting to the scrub test (90%).

          • @mingofmongo: Scores for selected products:

            Morning Fresh Ultra Concentrate Ultimate:
            82% (scrub) 82% (foam)

            Earth Choice Concentrate:
            47% (scrub) 61% (foam)

            Earth Choice Dishwash Liquid:
            47% (scrub) 45% (foam)

            Water Only:
            45% (scrub) 7% (foam)

            • @mingofmongo: That's fine, under the lab. But i know if i use warm water only some dishes will still be oily. But using Earth Choice the oily pan is no longer oily.

              I can't scientifically explain it, but i won't try to. But anyone with hands and know the feeling of greasy pan from cooking can attest.

              So that's enough for me, I love science, don't get me wrong. But, one who loves and knows science, knows it can not always be right in real life. This, it appears, fails. I have a high (albiet slightly lower now) opinion of Choice.

              • @cloudy: @cloudy I think you've picked up on their methodology fail: they tested foods that stuck to plates, not grease. Had they used a plate with oil or grease on it, water would have got a lower score than earth Choice. Earth Choice at least has a surfactant in it so will help wash oils away (even if it is no better than water at washing protein-based stains away).

                Science is only as good as the method and apparatus used 😃

      • My personal experience of using it over many years suggests otherwise. So the conclusion of testing by Choice doesn't really matter to me.

    • We use Earth at work at it's terrible.

      After scrubbing a dish you can still feel that it's oily and greasy. Don't have the same issue with other brands.

  • LOL~OP is so lovely…
    this product always half price every 2-3 weeks at both of COLES and WWS…

  • Aldi $1/ litre. Works well enough

  • People people people… All dishwashing liquid is not equal. Not even morning fresh.

    Some are posting cheaper morning fresh deals and some saying it's on sale every second week, but that's not ULTIMATE morning fresh.

    Choice gave ULTIMATE MF the top honour with 82%. The next best got the next best getting 68% and the next best MF liquid getting 63%.

    I've been using ultimate for a while and found it does indeed remove food a lot better than others. Although nothing beats some steel wool and elbow grease!

  • Read title as "mouth fresh" 😑