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ASUS Nvidia GTX1060 6GB Video Card $309 (Pickup / + Shipping) @ MSY


Title says all I suppose.

Good price for someone doesn't need 2060

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  • Nice deal OP. I really wonder how much cheaper it'll be in 6 months.

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      Maybe $250 at a pinch.

      The real question is if 2060’s will be gettable at sub $450. They probably should, but the industry will be addicted to the bitcoin led profits of recent times.

      • GTX1660 (no Tensor cores) is the newest replacement for it. It will go for 279 USD (400 Aud) according to some rumours

        • That's the price for the 1660 Ti, but yeah that's the rumour. It's base performance should have performance per dollar parity with this price for the 1060, and it has headroom to go further than the 1060 over time.

      • the industry will be addicted to the bitcoin led profits

        Uh no that's over and done with for now. It led to Nvidia having an oversupply and missing their latest profit forecast for Q4 last year.

    • It will be pulled from the market, i believe they will replace it with a cheaper card.
      The 2060 cant drop too low as it is very an expensive card to produce.
      A large Die and expensive DRAM :(

  • $320 a year and a half ago for the Galax variant…

  • I have 12 units of those, solid products! Less noise and heat than RX580 and RX570.

    I bought them for $420 each for mining ethereum.

    Made a profit and now use them for AI in crypto winter.

  • How much better is this than the 1050ti?

  • What about the upcoming 1660Ti? I wonder how this will fare against the 1060.

    I wonder if the Turing series will have a 2050.

  • That is a very good price for that card. I paid AUD 360 a few weeks ago :(

  • Can I run this off a H97M motherboard with a I5-4690?
    Second question. Is this a massive upgrade from a Vapor X - R9 280x
    Thanks in advanced

    • Yes and yes.

    • Are u struggling with any games and what sort of games you play? 1060 is over 2 year old and 280x is over 5. If you replace your GPU now, your CPU will bottleneck. Either replace the whole PCand in that case, you can get 2XXX series or 1080 ti for better value for money IHMO.

      • I've got a 3770 and a 1060 and its extremely well balanced. 4690 should be similar.
        I previously had a 3450 which was the bottleneck.

        • Thank you for the reply. Did a benchmark comparison and it doesn't look like a huge difference from 3770 to 4690. I might pull the trigger if the deal is still active soon

          • @Mozzlah: Yea. A 1070 would definitely bottleneck the CPU and a 1050Ti would definitely bottleneck the GPU.
            A 1060 might not strike the perfect balance, but it's the best match for your CPU.

      • Not really struggling but I think I would prefer PUB:G to run a little better. CS:GO and fortnite seem fine.

  • How much better is this than the GTX1070? Not sure if it's worth it at this price.

    • A 1070 is better than a 1060…

    • Probably wait until the newer cards out. I want to upgrade from a 960 2GB GTX but can't afford to upgrade well, can't afford the latest and what I might afford may not be enough of an increase in speed. Waiting will resolve it thou.

  • This or a rx 580 8gb with 3 games… Hmmmmm

    • Hard to say but for the long term the RX580 8GB is probably going to age better. More memory and amd drivers are generally better over time. I have an RX580 8GB and for 1080p gaming, when paired with a ryzen 5 1600 I plan on using this set up for at least 3 more years. I've got benq zowie 144hz monitor and it all just works really well.

  • I bought one of these a while back and just a heads-up; the card is kinda ugly. It's white and a bit goofy "oooh, how very futuristic" looking. Obviously not a concern for some, but it ended up annoying me a bit more than I thought it would in a tempered glass case.

    • Lol, for me it's the opposite. My motherboard and RAM are white/silver so this card would look awesome. I ended up buying a black/red GTX 1060 and it really looks out of place now. :(

  • Very nice

  • Is it worth upgrading my r9 390x for this?

  • Just picked one up, thanks OP!!