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$20 Coles Prepaid Unlimited Calls/SMS/28GB for $10 @ Coles


$40 $20/3gb prepaid now $10 with extra 25gb including next 2 recharges.

Edit: probably in-store only.

Optus 4g network

Not as good as the recent amaysim/catch/ovo deals through Cashreward/shopback but may be of interest to someone

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  • You mean $20?

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      I think the sim is $10 and includes $40 credit, but the subsequent recharges will be $20 to get the 25gb bonus.

    • I should have taken a pic of the sign in store. It was $10 instead of $40. The link doesn't reflect the offer (was in a rush)

      Edited the post to mention in-store only, I believe.

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    Good lord, the regular price is $40 for 3gb?!

    That must be the most uncompetitive plan on the market.

    • Perhaps I crossed my eyes and it was $20 as someone above mentioned, which is consistent with the offer in the link. Looks like it's otherwise $40/10gb. I'll edit the post

      • Ok, sounds about right.

  • Perfect, I tried to get nbn, technician came and told me '' I can't activate your line, can't give you a time line for when we will fix it''… I' m going to be a sim card tamer

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      I hope you get a collection like mine :)


      • Impressive! But most sim would have less than a year expiry date, would you use all of them before the are unusable?

        With the right bargain I suppose it would be cheaper to be a hopper than going for nbn (unless you use a lot of Netflix or download heaps of games)

        • With Belong self-referrals I don't think SIM-hopping is necessary anymore (…for now), assuming you have a second phone, 4g dongle or dual SIM phone.

          Unless the Kogan/Catch game finishes. My brain actually thinks $4.95/month is the non-promo rate for 40 GB.

          • @peterpeterpumpkin: Could you elaborate? I looked at belong offers but didn't find anything flash.

            It's going to be hard to get back to real pricing once shopback and cashreward stop giving us money to get a sim

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              @Bubbleshark: This hack isn't really sustainable, or proven, but theoretically, you can keep ordering a new free Belong SIM (https://www.belong.com.au/mobile/get-sim), using your own referral code and a new email address. This will give you a new SIM with $20 to use and will give you $20 to use on your primary SIM, which you use to add another 2 months of the 1 GB plan.

              With the new SIMs you can add $5 to get the $25 5 GB plan, which will give you 10 GB in the first month, that you can transfer to your primary plan. But if you're using your SIM as a landline substitute, then the disposable Kogan SIMs are way more useful and better value with 40 GB.

              This is why the "activate within a week/month" cashback deals for many of us have been useful only for the cash, unless you use more than 40/50/60 GB a month (Catch Connect + Amaysim + etc). For some reason, people don't get as excited about the annual bank deals that give you $50 in one hit! I understand not wanting to verify ID at the bank but people here think lining up for a $2 Telstra SIM at Auspost is a deal…

              A 10 GB deal for $5 or $10 is actually a terrible deal without cashback at the moment, since $4.95 is basically the rate for 40 GB. And you can get Belong on Telstra at 10 GB for $5 as well, that can be transferred to your primary account and doesn't expire (though more realistically 9 GB if you use even a kilobyte). You can use the $40 SIMs for $15 for the same purpose.

              • @peterpeterpumpkin: Thanks a lot for that very descriptive explanation.

                Since my primary goal is to have more data (nbn curse got me), I will head toward the cashrewards deals as long as I can.

                For my primary sim, I was thinking of the $120 Optus deal for 365 days, might be not optimal but it's arguably cheap.

  • how long does the credit last\

  • Do you still get the bonus if you are an existing Optus customer?

  • Anyone knows when this needs to be activated by? Expiry date?

  • optus$30 sim kit for $10. 7/11 deal beats coles with a little more data