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Camper Family & Friends Voucher 50% off Spring/Summer 2018 Collection (Save 50% on Full Priced Items)


Hi Guys first Post..
Looks like you get a personal discount code (non transferable).
It's generated by punching in your email address then sent too you.
Collecting you're email on the way.
I don't mind this as they already have mine or I wouldn't received this email..
Cheers and good luck.

On a more personal note:
I was once a big fan of camper and would always buy a pair (cheaper) while traveling.
Like most brands they have left their roots of quality and design. Now its flimsy quality made from Asia.
5 Years ago I gave away an old pair of sued MIL boots. they were 10 years old and the design was too old even for me.
I have destroyed 2 more pairs since then and refuse to buy another pair. My old pair is still going on my mate Lincoln (like new).
Shame on you Camper for selling out your loyal customers for profit..

Visit the website https://www.camper.com/en_AU for the store

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    Never heard of them, but thought, since I like camping, this may be worth it. Nothing to do with camping, although, the website - https://www.camper.com/en_AU/content/spring-summer-18 actually has some entertaining models on there. Probably worth the look just for that.

    • Camper is a very well known shoe brand in Europe, Spain-based. I always bought some when in Europe (much cheaper there), but not for a few years now so can't comment on the lower quality that OP alludes to.

      The models on that link are symbolic of the brand; a bit of a [email protected]** take on shoe marketing.

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    good shoes, got stacks from Camber DFO.
    DFO are normally 50% off or more.

    Online have selection.

    if anyone needs codes I could email them.

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    I got excited for a moment! But the discount is only on the full price :( So the pair of shoes I wanted that are $156 on sale only came down to $130! A bit misleading…

    • Same… got excited then disappointed. Next time then but still, thanks OP! :(

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    So true. Totally agree with OP comments. Camper used to be very good.

  • For anyone else wondering WTF.
    It looks like they sell casual shoes, sandals, etc
    Apparently they have runners, but not sure why you'd buy these expensive (relative) unknowns over the usual brands.

    here's a link to the website/products

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