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Zodiac FX18 Robotic Pool Cleaner $811 Delivered @ Pool and Spa Warehouse


Zodiac FX18 Robotic Pool Cleaner $811 Delivered

"Resolute". Despite its compact size and lightweight design, the FX18 will vigorously vacuum, scrub and clean the floor and walls of your pool methodically - and in under 2.5 hours.

No installation, hoses or additional equipment are required. Simply turn it on, drop it by the pool and it will calculate the most effective and energy efficient way of cleaning your pool.

Designed with convenience in mind, the FX18 is incredibly lightweight at 5.5Kg and superbly easy to operate thanks to its modern features.

Robotic pool cleaners work independently from the pool filtration system. They not only do a better job, but they free up the pool filtration system to do its intended job.

This translates to sizable savings in electricity, chemicals and water. By not using the filtration system, there is no extra strain on the pool pump which increases its efficiency and durability.


Extreme Clean: By combining robotic intelligence and powerful cleaning tools it delivers fantastic results in just under 2.5 hours.

Effortless Handling: Thanks to its large handle and incredibly lightweight body. At 5.5kg it is one of the lightest robots in the market.

Great Convenience: Fitted with a top access filter canister that is easy to access and clean. No contact with debris is required.

Better Hygiene: Its powerful brushing helps prevent germination of algae and bacteria, and greatly reduces the need for using chemicals.

Saves Electricity: As it has its own power source and filtration system, it does not use, drains nor clog your pool filtration system and minimizes electricity use.

Improved Water Clarity: Without a suction cleaner attached to your pool skimmer, it is left free to skim the top of your pool. This increases the pool’s turnover rate, improving water clarity

Reliable & Easy to Use: Incredibly easy to operate. Plug & Play. Fully Automated. Zodiac's industry-leading track record of reliability and warranty support.

Suitable for most pools: Handles any pool of any shape for up to 8 x 4 meters. Suitable for most pool surfaces.

2 Years Warranty

To redeem this offer you must enter the promotion code "fx18offer" during checkout.
Expires 14/02/2019.
Maximum 1 pool cleaner per customer.

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    I got the CX20 about 18 months ago, so good these.

  • +2 votes

    Too many brands and too many models. Given the price of getting the wrong one is so high, it has put me off upgrading.

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    Don't bother with this company. They will happily sell you the product but give ABSOLUTELY NO SUPPORT.When you need a part like a impeller they do absolutely nothing for you.Look elsewhere it's not worth it.


      Have not had any complaints and I have bought several things of them over the past 5 years.
      I had a pump fail 18 months after purchase. Took it into their hornsby store and 2 days later I had a new pump.
      Also had a pool skimmer that was rubbish and was able to exchange it after a week for a different maker.


    OP, I have a kidney shaped pebblecrete pool approx 10m x 4.5m. I am assuming this model is too small given the specs. Any suggestions on another model, maybe one you will have discounted in the next couple of weeks?


      my pool is about the same size, i bought an Onga a few years back and it was cheap and it works well


        The CX20 is suitable. We have extended the coupon "899cx20" for 1 more week, which would give you $200 off.

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    will this clean steps??
    I have a quartzon lined pool with corner steps

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    I'm skeptical of Zodiac - got the 4WD version and went through 3 of them before the last one lasted more than a few months. As others have said - after market support was hopeless and it wasnt until i pulled the Consumer Affairs card and demanded a brand new unit that they replaced it with a new machine. So far its been working ok (gets stuck all the time) but so much drama with support prior to now.

    Buyer beware, hopefully they fixed the machine issues - but just hope you dont ever want a repair job.

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    With all the moving parts in these things, they will bound to get clogged with hair and debris.
    I have a Zodiac G3 and it lasts 3 years with only needing to replace the Diaphragm every year.


      i have a g3 but it keeps getting stuck.

      just replaced the skirt today.

      replaced the diaphragm 3 months ago.

      it's looking UV'd .

      considering a robot. but too cheap to pay for one.

      in two minds about whether to keep throwing replacement parts at it or buy another…..


    Good for you ijuiceman. You should be comforted in buying as long as you live close to their Hornsby store and go in person. How does one ignore you when your looking them in the eye at their store? Others who don't good luck with thier service or lack thereof.


    Look carefully at micron ratings.

    Sand filters filter the water to particles around 25 micron.
    Cartridge filters are better, and get down to around 10 micron.

    The reason I mention this is whilst these robotic cleaners save you the hassle of connecting hoses direct to your main filter, they will cloudy up your water.

    This particular cleaner for instance needs an OPTIONAL EXTRA filter that will only get you to 100 micron particle size!
    The standard package as advertised is even bigger than that.

    There's only a few robotic cleaners on the market that filter water at a level you would expect. Pay more and go get one of those instead.
    I see no point in using a robotic vacuum that spits out particles of dirt at 250 micron and above. The floor will look clean, but as soon as you go swimming the water will cloud up like crazy.

    That's my 2c, take it as you will.

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    This looks like the Zodiac OT-15, with some pretty colours. (Same weight - same length cable)

    The OT15 sells on eBay and a few places for around $899. I bought the OT15 recently with the eBay 10% off, so it came in at about the same as this discount, BUT the eBay version had the 100-micron filter as well as the 200-micron.

    The OT15 is the little sibling of the TX35, which has a caddy and a longer cable…. and a different warranty arrangement.

    To the commenter pointing out they don’t filter as well as your sand filter - yes that is right, but these take pressure off your pump and means your skimmer basket isn’t filling up as much. A pool guy I spoke to about these, suggests you still need to give the occasional vacuum to get the really fine sediment- about once a month.

    They make for fascinating watching!

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