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[Android, iOS] Free - Dr Panda Airport (Was $5.99) | Mosalingua Learn English (Was $7.99) @ Google Play/ iTunes



Have the travel bug?! Then it’s time to soar in Dr. Panda Airport! Take flight in 10 airport-themed activities that will have you taking part in every part of the process! Stamp passports at customs, make sure luggage makes it to the right plane and even take control to help planes land safely. It’s up to you to guide passengers from check-in to takeoff, so get ready to reach new heights!

Learn English with MosaLingua Premium - Google play (was $7.99)

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  • fantabulous!

  • Thanks for these free kids games, my kids appreciate it.

  • Great thanks my 3yo will get on it

  • Thanks.

    On Android before running the game I disabled access to Telephone in settings. I can't see any reason why it would need it apart from tracking. It seems to run fine without it.

  • Take flight in 10 airport-themed activities

    1. Pay through the nose for car parking
    2. Pay through the nose for airport charges and taxes
    3. Experience airline server melt-down
    4. Sleepover in the airport due to flight delays and cancellations
    5. Wait in long queue for check-in
    6. Find innovative ways to reduce your overweight check-in luggage
    7. Try out the virtual strip search machine
    8. Wait in long queue for TRS
    9. Experience the panic when you cannot find your passport and boarding pass
    10. Suffer the insufferable children

    Bonus: Have random pieces of your luggage confiscated due to updated safety regulations
    Easter egg: Bomb jokes

    • You forgot to "randomly" select brown people for extra checks.

      • That was just a bit of harmless fun, but I am not stepping into this minefield aka racial profiling.

      • lets be honest, anyone remotely involved in security or law enforcement knows that particular demographic profiles are more prone to certain types of crime than others. Noticing patterns doesn’t make you a racist.

        • Woah man. Nobody mentioned racism. Are you guys projecting?

        • +1 Actually you've made a good point ie. Noticing statistical patterns != racist, I've never thought about it this way…

  • I’m brown and have always been “randomly checked” since I can remember here in Australia.
    My Aussie wife would never be searched but she gets searched now that we fly together.
    There is nothing “random” aboutt ransom searches at airports.

  • Well if you go to the airport once a year and get searched for bomb residue like I have been, than that’s 100% of the time for me.

    How you perceive it is 100% you. I personally am happy they did it and if I get picked so what?. They searched me in Bali too, their officials probably experience statically that Aussies bring in drugs more than others nationals.

    That’s called using their limited resources most effectively.

    • -1 vote

      "their officials probably experience statically that Aussies bring in drugs more than others nationals."

      next time just state what you really mean

      "their officials probably experience statically that brown people bring in explosives more than other nationals."

      • I didn’t actually say that but I’d imagine Indonesia would experience similar problems to the example you have given

  • Why does the app need the device id and call information permission?

  • It’s not free in AppStore

  • Mosalingua Learn Englishes are not frees anymore.