This was posted 1 year 11 months 9 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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9pc Original Recipe Chicken for $9.95 on Tuesday (Hot & Spicy at Select Stores) @ KFC via App


9 pieces of Original Recipe chicken for just $9.95 on Tuesday

This offer is not everywhere and is only available on Tuesday the 12th of February 2019.

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    When I offered to work Tuesdays for more money :(

  • DAMN! I'm trying to start my diet today! Plus there is a KFC next door :( (I'm only 10-15KG overweight)

  • what is the difference between this or normal Tuesday 9 pieces?

  • Also got the email about it. Love their humour though about appless pelicans.

    Yep, you read that right… no need to run to the optometrist. 9 pieces of Original Recipe chicken for just $9.95 on Tuesday.

    Go get it before all those App-less pelicans out there get a chance. Good thing you’ve got the App, huh?

    This offer is not everywhere and is only available on Tuesday the 12th of February 2019.

  • title should mention Tuesday…got existed for a moment.

  • Although the offer says Original recipe, but can I use this for hot and spicy?

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      Don't see why not. I always get Hot and Spicy and no one has ever complained.

    • with normal Tuesday 9 for 10.95, I can ask Hot and Spicy for all.
      SO I think it will be the same.

    • Not all stores have hot and spicy. Some that do will have the feature on the app to substitute the piece

  • They should do spicy instead of original.

  • They should do this tuesday deal permanently

  • *marks down on Calender

  • HELL YES 🙇🙌💃

  • Every time I go on a healthy diet this deal comes around :(

  • How come no KFC at Melbourne airport. Wanna buy to eat on the plane

  • Only 1 date? Usually they ran it for every tuesday for a month

    • Looks like it's an app exclusive before wider availablity.

      • Not nessarily going to be 'wider availability'.

        I remember before they had an offer on the app that only for one week, and it was not available in store the week after.

  • Legend has it that this isn't limited to one per customer (pre app days). mmm KFC its just good chicken….

  • QLD always has this every Tuesday.. And hot n spicy too.

  • Can anyone confirm a store with hot and spicy around Sydney, Parramatta? Don't understand why but most places they don't have them, I would have thought many people like hot and spicy over original.

    • That's why they sell Wicked Wings. Pretty sure wings are more profitable.

    • Even if people prefer it over original, doesn't mean it makes business sense. They have to stock and cook two different types, which is extra effort and also means the product is less fresh (if they cook hot and spicy but not many people buy it, it stays around for a long time), and they likely assume that even if people prefer hot and spicy, they will be happy with original and still buy.

  • Can you order it without the app?

  • so tempting, havent eaten KFC in about 8months after seeing a FB video with maggots crawling out of some, that turned me off real fast.. miss the golden crispy skin though.. fml

  • How do I find out which store has this offer ? I tired few different store but none seem to have this offer 9 pcs for 9.95$. Am I missing something ?

  • Still can't see this deal on the app? Anyone else able to see it?

  • For Victorians….Victoria Gardens in Richmond now has an option to swap the 9 pieces to Hot and Spicy in the KFC app!!!

    • Confirmed, although I stripped them bare of H&S at 10:30am, they had to put more on.

      Poor kid looked confused when the order for 2 x 9 packs came through.

      At least I did it early and not at Lunchtime.

      BTW the Kid serving was forgetful, tried to give me only 1 9 box, on no MD on the $4.95+$1 extra I ordered.

      Check your orders, hope he could count, but the top's of the boxes could hardly close with a bulge, so it should be good.

      • Box 1 has 12 pieces, let you know tomorrow on Box 2, if I get through Box 1 today/tonight.

        Looks like he could not count either, Bonus!

  • Mission accomplished.

  • my KFC ran out of chicken :(

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      Yeah, so did my local one. Not the first time either and they don't even have the courtesy to let people know. I mean how hard is it to just shout out that you have no chicken left?

  • Not worth it imo It gets so busy you always have to wait for the chicken to be cooked up or served, & most of the time they rushed it so its not drained properly & very oily so the coating starts coming off. I would rather pay a bit extra for chicken when its not busy, colonels dinner or streetwise deal better value.
    It's even worse now since my local store Box Hill store closed down 2 yrs ago & now Doncaster is the only one in the area so they're getting very busy even when they don't have these offers.

    • Box Hill was hit & miss, didn't like the chicken from there. I did asked KFC if they were going to replace that store and they said no.

      KFC Nunawading is also in the area, but I would rather go the extra distance to Victoria Gardens for the H&S, just avoid the lunch time rush, it's not just the shoppers, BAE Systems has a huge building behind the food court.