expired USB 2.0 Powered Speakers $5 (Was $15) @ Target (In Store Only)


I found them yesterday at target and bought them because it was only $5 and didn't expect much

today I tried them and was pleasantly surprised at how they sound, even though they lack sub bass and high end over 14Khz, for such a small pair of speakers you can't go wrong for $5, I could almost say they are worth the retail price

the link doesn't work since target has removed it

sound comes from the 3.5mm jack and is powered by usb 2.0, it also has volume control, they have passive side speakers on each side, which I guess is why it can have some mid-bass, but it also helps with imaging


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Target Australia

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    If they are worth the $5 retail price is not exactly good news. Thanks for the effort though

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    sound comes from the 3.5mm jack and is powered by usb 2.0,

    So usb powered. Not USB speakers.

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    good for kids' PC

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    Great for the caravan TV


    Will have to check Target when I go to my local K-Mart to see if they have stocked any B22 Genio globes. They re-ordered all E. Screw last time.
    Want it to read out alert statuses from Pi on demand.

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    Might be ok for arcade cab build. Always on the lookout. Thanks !

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      The council kerbside collection is on here atm. I pulled a couple of speakers out of an old tv that was being thrown out for my SF mod. They work great.


        How is your Street Fighter mod going ?
        Did you get the free protective plexiglass cover from Hunter ?

        My LCD driver board is on its way, and 128 GB SD card for a specific Retropie image has arrived.
        Just need to choose a USB controller (Xin-Mo vs Zero Delay) and Im thinking of upgrading the Player1 stick/buttons to Sanwa or good clone. I dont expect much usage of Player2 but could upgrade later..


          All up & running now. Just have to fix stuff in place to tidy it up inside. Just went with the original buttons & joysticks, which all work fine. Joystick is wired backwards, which took a bit of working out, but still plugs in to the 5-pin connector ok if you remove the plastic mount bracket on the USB controller boards (I got the Zero Delay). May also look to upgrade the joystick & buttons down the track.
          Have ordered & received (in about 2 days) the plexiglass cover, which also comes with a sheet with new artwork. However the screws are now too short to hold the panel in place.


            @h00tz: I didnt remove my screws - just placed the plastic over the top as it sits down by itself.
            Even if the screws were long enough it would be so easy to over-tighten and crack the plastic anyway.

            This weekend I installed the LCD controller board and tested with the Rpi (all good - once I set the LCD driver menu to English and could adjust contrast etc).
            I also installed the 6 new Player1 buttons (non-clicky Goldleaf brand) and a better joystick.

            I think 1UP mounted the original joysticks upside down.
            Im waiting for delivery of the ZeroDelay USB encoders, to complete the build.

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