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Xiaomi S50 Robot Vacuum $475.90 Delivered @ Ozymart eBay Store


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  • seen them for a lot cheaper, not in a hurry so i'll wait

  • the same with others, seen it in cheaper price before so i will wait for now

  • Are these any good? How do they compare with normal vacuums?

    • I am a big fan. Saves a crap load of time each week and keeps the place pretty much spotless. I'm always surprised at the amount of dust & dirt it picks up. It gets underneath sofas, beds, etc which is great.

      You do have to completely clear the floor of stuff if you want it to be effective (particularly loose cables from power sockets) which is a mission but you'd be doing at anyway as you go with a regular vacuum.

      Where it has trouble is between small / tight nooks. Gotta get the handheld Dyson out to finish those areas.

      I'm in a two storey place. For upstairs I just drop it off and let it go. It has cliff detection so won't drop off the edge of the stairs.

      App is great. Easy to setup and control from there. I like the visual map it produces to show where it went / what it covered in case someone closed a door midway through the clean cycle.

      I don't use the mop function. Am a fan of using muscle to actually get dirt out of the hard wood & tiled floors.

      • You do have to completely clear the floor of stuff if you want it to be effective (particularly loose cables from power sockets) which is a mission but you'd be doing at anyway as you go with a regular vacuum.

        What happens if you don't? Does the vacuum get stuck and go nuts until it runs out of batteries?

        And what about different levels of flooring in the house (i.e. if you have a tiled bathroom that is slightly higher than the corridor will it get stuck?)

        • It doesn't go nuts. Either it will get jammed on a thin cable and stop (the cords that connect the weights on vertical blinds will tangle like nobodys business if it gets into one of them), or something like a TV aerial cable it either runs over it or pushes it out of the way.

          It won't get stuck. Mine climbs over all sorts of stuff without an issue.

      • Thanks for the detailed response. It sounds like it would save me some time!

    • First and only robot vac I've owned and the performance so far has been excellent

  • Yeah, I have to agree with the rest of the comments. Sorry rep, but I'll wait until a better price. This isn't really a bargain.

  • 2nd Gen owners - how often do you replace your replaceable cleaning bits - ive noticed the mopping function is battling at the moment (had the unit about 2-3 months). Not a lot of water seems to come out! Ive cleaning the cloth, but cant think of anything else. Cheers

    • I bought some new mop cloths from eBay

      Its only $6 for 3 mop cloths including free delivery.

      I replace the mop cloth every 20 or so uses. For $2 a cloth, its worth the time/effort saved.


      • Apparently the filer assembly in the water tank needs to be replaced/cleaned also. Might need to try this

      • Seems you use the mopping function regularly so I will ask you if you don't mind. I have the 2nd gen vacuum with the mopping function but I have yet to use it as I don't really need it in my current situation. Just wondering how it manages to not mop the carpet if it is in an area without a physical barrier between tile and carpet? Is it based on carpet sensing? Do you need to use zoned cleanups?

        • i just close the doors to the carpeted rooms. You could also used zone cleaning. TBH though, i dont find it wets the carpet that much anyway….

  • Keen to buy a robot vacuum, but since this price is not that great, I will wait a bit.

  • just got an email from kogan this morning about their kogan branded vac robot R40. anyone know which company kogan rebadged this one? its 226 + delivery so want to see how it compares

    • What makes the Xiaomi robot vacuum's so good is it's AI and smart features. It rivals the expensive, top end robot vacs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1-r2EOMJchU

      The cheap ones, like the kogan, also don't have the laser system that maps out your floor plan & surroundings etc. Which has a big impact on how effective they are.
      Get the Xiaomi gen 1 on sale if you want to save a bit. Don't waste money on any cheaper robot vacs.