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$50 for Referrer ($1000 for 5 Referrals) / $30 for Referee @ Mealpal


Not sure this is a deal or not. I haven't posted here much. If not, please move it to forum.
From the T&C below, to be eligible, you must currently be an active mealpal user and must renew for the next 30 day cycle.
At least 5 friends must join Mealpal today from your referral link.

The Refer-A-Friend promotion applies to new MealPal customers who sign up through a qualified current member's unique link. If the terms are met with 5 or more qualified referred friends, the current member ("referee") will receive a $1,000 Coles® e-gift card. If referee does not reach 5 or more referrals, referee will receive $50 off ($25 off their next cycle, $25 off their subsequent cycle). The referred member ("referred") will receive a discount off their first month. Both the referee and the referred will be required to verify their identity via a unique mobile phone number to qualify. To qualify for the promotion, the referee must be either i.) an active paying MealPal member on a 30-day cycle, and must renew for a consecutive paid 30-day cycle on one of the noted plans; ii.) an active paying flex member who consumes at least 6 meals in the 30 days following the referred member's sign-up date and who renews for at least one more flex cycle following the current cycle. Additionally, to qualify for the promotion, the referred must select the 12 lunch, 20 lunch, 10 dinner, or 15 dinner meal plan and complete TWO consecutive paid 30-day meal cycles. If the referee is a flex member and the terms are met, the referee receive $50 in meal credits in lieu of the discount. Previous or inactive MealPal members are ineligible. This offer includes referrals who join from 11 February 2019 through 15 February 2019. This offer cannot be combined with any other promotion. Coles® is a registered trademark of Coles, Inc.

Referral Links

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Referrer gets $10. Referee gets 1 free meal with $4.99 signup fee.

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    too much conditions. pass…….

  • +5 votes
  • +13 votes

    Didn’t get paid on a previous $100 deal.
    Can’t trust them; they’ll look for any excuse not to pay - not with the risk.

    • +5 votes

      I'm in the same situation and I have lodged a complain to ACCC.
      If not, please do, the more complains they received, the quicker ACCC will take action.

      • +1 vote

        First comment/reply ever on OzBargain. I have lodged with ACCC and got giftcard after 2 weeks.

  • +8 votes

    Be careful with Mealpal. They charge you for a subscription before actually setting up the account. If you have any browser issue or lose connection during sign up you cannot continue or log in (as no account exists), whilst having already been charged.

    This has happened to myself and another workmate, both of us have lodged charge disputes with our banks.

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    Guys, beware of this mealpal, they are doing doggy business.
    I got cheated by them from their previous scam promotion where they promised to give $75 coles voucher if you refereed a friend to sign up for 2 consecutive months.
    I contacted them 5 times to follow up on the voucher, they always replied and promised that I should received the voucher very soon, until the fifth time where they said: unfortunately i was in another offer so they couldn't honor it, WTH? my partner and i being manipulated by them the whole time.

    I have lodged a complain to ACCC, still awaiting.


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      Your comment should be reason for a Neg vote for this deal!
      Thanks for the warning👍

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    Myself and friendw have had same experiences with others who have posted. They often don't pay up on these referral promotions.