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expired MiniPresso NS Capsule Espresso Maker $43.95 + $9.95 Shipping @ Alternative Brewing


SAVE on this great portable coffee maker

Brew rich espresso anywhere with the Minipresso compatible with the Nespresso Capsules. This portable espresso maker is light, compact, and incredibly convenient to use, eliminating all the barriers to delicious, balanced espresso at home or on the go.

This NS model is specifically designed to function with tasty and convenient Nespresso pods and can produce up to 45ml of espresso each shot.

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    Interesting idea, but Nespresso machines produce 19 bar of pressure. This produces 8. Not sure how this would impact the flavour.

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    I've had one for ages. Great for travel, and works well. Pressure may not be way up there, but hard to tell the difference between a shot from this versus one from a machine. Saying that, if you want really good coffee then pods are not the obvious choice… :-)


      Glad you love it! There is also a Coffee Grounds model called NanoPresso online :) Latest model. Agree with you!

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    I used one of these when away over the xmas new year break and was fantastic.

    Beats instant coffee and is great to take to work or on holiday

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    Nespresso pods are a joke. 5 grams of coffee per pod to produce 40ml of piss weak coffee under 19 bar of pressure. How did they even come up with that formula? A standard espresso single shot is 7-9 grams to produce 30ml under 9 bar of pressure. (14-18gms in a double shot to produce 60ml).

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    Any deals on the NanoPresso with barista kit?

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    Just a note for those new to the Wacaco products that Minipresso is the 'original' version, and that there are 3x different versions of Minipressos depending on what type of coffee you use (Grounds, Nespresso capsules, Caffitaly capsules). There are no adapters, so if you switch coffee type you'd need to purchase another unit in the correct version.

    For example if you bought the Nespresso capsule version (NS) and then wanted to use ground coffee, you'd need to purchase a new Minipresso Coffee Grounds (GR) unit.

    Nanopresso is the newer version and uses ground coffee as standard. If you'd still want to use Nespresso capsules for whatever reason, then you only need to purchase the separate Nespresso "NS adapter" to allow you to use the Nespresso capsules.


      This has confused me a little, so to clarify if I purchased this, would I be able to use grounds as well as nespresso pods or would I need to buy an adaptor for grounds? Thanks

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        If you purchase this specific item "Minipresso NS", you can only use Nespresso pods. If you want the older/cheaper Minipresso unit for coffee grounds, you would need to by "Minipresso GR" version.

        If you purchase the newer and more expensive Nanopresso, it does coffee grounds on its own. If you want to use Nanopresso with Nespresso, you need to buy an additional "NS adapter".


        Minipresso NS = Nespresso capsules only
        (no coffee grounds, no Caffitaly capsules, no adapters for these)

        Minipresso GR = Coffee grounds only
        (no nespresso capsules, no Caffitaly capsules, no adapters for these)

        Minipresso CA = Caffitaly capsules only
        (no coffee grounds, no Nespresso capsules, no adapters for these)

        Nanopresso = Coffee grounds

        Nanopresso + NS adapter = Coffee grounds or Nespresso capsules.

        (no Nanopresso adapter for Caffitaly capsules).

        There are other differences between Minipresso and Nanopresso (size, pressure). The newer Nanopresso does cost more, so it's up to you if those differences are worth it.

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    I bought the Nanopresso for my mum and the minipresso for myself and friend. Nanopresso feels more robust and has 18 bar pressure.
    That said, couldn't really tell a difference between the two in terms of taste.
    Love the portability for sure, might get the nanopresso if they ever come out with version 2.
    The crew at Alternative Brewing do a good job.


    how easy is cleaning?

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    Looking forward to a nanopresso deal


    Blend43 i like


    Better to get a portable aeropress or equivalent and a portable grinder or use preground coffee. No waste and cheaper to operate.

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