Anker PowerLine+ USB-C to USB-C 1.8m or 0.9m $19.95 Delivered @ CableGeek


One of the best USB cables, much more durable than the similar BlitzWolf braided cables. Amazon AU is currently out of stock, Amazon US price is US$15.97 but can't ship to Australia.

Main link is 1.8m, link to 0.9m here.

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    Some concerns show it is only met for 30w

    It says MacBook 12 compatible

    Not a bargain


      It supports up to 3A or 60W (if connected to 20V PD chargers). From Amazon's page it fully supports charging MacBook Pro 13.3", and limited charging speed of MacBook Pro 15.6".


        How can I be sure that its the exact same model?

        I consider the specs on the page that I buy it from.

          1. Description in Amazon page comes from Anker.
          2. CableGeek sell genuine Anker products.
          3. There's only one PowerLine+ version. They do have second generation PowerLine+ II, not available in Australia yet but the connectors shape are different.

    Just a heads up that the 1.8m cable may or may not be able sustain enough current for rapid charging of Nexus/Pixel phones using the supplied chargers.

    Source: Own a Nexus 5X and og Pixel and my 1.8m powerline+ cable is unreliable. YMMV


      PS: Bought an Apple 1.8m cable and it hasn't skipped a beat.

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      It does say in the notes it won't charge a Nexus 5X at full speed, but I'm a little disappointed a site calling itself Cablegeek doesn't even list the cable's technical specs, like max Amps.


    I thought $8 for the blitzwolf was too much. The Blitzwolf hasn't stopped working yet, so I'd be reluctact to pay more.


    Miss being able to order these from aliexpress


    Who makes a good lightning to usb-c?


    Wish CableGeek sold Anker USB-C to USB-A cables.


    Where are the specs on the wire sizes?
    Considering the price, is this for a pack of three, or just two?

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