expired Sirena Tuna Ready to Eat Meal 170g $3 @Woolworths


These are very tasty, the price dropped by 1$ this week at Woolworths, I have stoked up for the week.

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    way cheaper at coles when the packaging changed…

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    185g of just tuna is $4.30 (same brand)

    Of this 175g, only 25% is tuna. RRP is $4.00.

    So you’re basically paying the same per-gram for rice and quinoa.


      yes, better buying beans and tuna when on special separately, this week Analisa beans are 70c at woolies, 400g can, 60% beans, so 240g of beans …so about 35c of beans in one of these ready made cans of beans and tuna.

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      Yes, humans have been paying for convenience for quite some time now.

      Can you believe cafe's charge $4-5 for a coffee when it probably costs them only 50 cents to make!?

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      This looks like a good option for me to take to work for lunch. The chances of me buying the ingredients, mixing them up and taking it to work in Tupperware is about nil.


    I'm not sure I could eat this at all once……….


    Sirens tuna is great, but i find these, not all that palatable. Would not recommend.

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