Looking for a Smartphone for Fitness Use for under $80, Suggestions?

Hey there, I'm currently looking at getting an Android phone on a cheap budget that I can simply flash in to LineageOS and use as my portable Bluetooth Spotify/Podcasts player for when I'm working out.

I'm expecting the phone is going to get dirty pretty quick so I'm not looking for anything flashy.

I'm wondering if anyone can recommend any Android phone in particular that would be under $80 to suit my needs? It doesn't matter if it's new or second hand, I just need some good cheap recommendations. :) Thanks!



    What did your google search tell you?

    You could literally by anything to do this. Try a Samsung Galaxy J2 second hand maybe.


      Google and a few other places were a bit too vague on it, so it was a bit hard to know what to look for when they were all trying to sell $200+ budget phones.
      Thanks, I'll check out that model!


    are any of the phones in that price range worth buying, I would imagine getting them to do anything would be a pain in the ass.


      Not too sure, that's why I'm thinking flashing the device to a lighter OS without bloatware will give me the most of it's capabilities.

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    I've got an Alcatel 1c as a spare phone and find it surprisingly better than expected for the price. Its locked to Telstra or Boost, normally $89, but comes up regularly at the supermarkets for $59, gets good reviews as well.
    5.3" screen 18:9
    Quad core 1.3ghz
    16gb rom
    1gb ram
    2460mAh battery
    Android 7
    Metal back
    Fingerprint sensor
    3G only
    Its no flagship phone, but fair value for $59.



    Any family/friends with old phones in their drawers that they would be happy to give away?


    use as my portable Bluetooth Spotify/Podcasts

    Can't you just do this with an old ipod touch ?

    I would be looking out at all the half price phone deals at woolies/coles.

    A samsung s4 would be about your budget (2nd hand of course).

    A samsung note 3 , or Samsung s5, would only be worth about $80 or less if camera broken. If speaker or mic broken/faulty , looking at about $50 or less.

    Something worth $150-$200 , but which has faulty camera or fauly speaker or mic, should be under $80 if you keep checking ebay. That's assuming you don't ever want to make calls with it.


      I've got an old iPod touch and it's less than capable of performing well nowadays, it's storage is also too small.
      Thanks for the Samsung recommendations though, I'll keep my eye out on ebay/gumtree. :)

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