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Free Telstra Essential Plus Smartphone for Customers with Phones That Lack 850MHz 3G


Telstra is giving away new smartphones for people stuck with devices that lack 3G 850mhz on Telstra prepaid.

In March 2019, Telstra is refarming the 2100mhz band to 4G. Hence, if your phone is outdated enough, Telstra will give you a new Essential Plus and SIM for free.

Many Optus and Vodafone locked phones are 2100mhz/900mhz 3G only, so it might pay off to put your Telstra SIM into that and see if it triggers the offer.

Telstra's website seems to be smart enough realise I have a Nokia 8 with 3G 850mhz, so no freebie for me :(.

Edit: I got a shipping confirmation email from Telstra despite not having an eligible phone, thanks to realfancyman's hack (see below)

Incomplete list of eligible phones for the free Telstra upgrade

I have a Pre-Paid service: Please complete the web form here so we have your most current details. A care pack will be posted to you within 14 days, otherwise you can call 1800 112 722 (available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week), or visit a Telstra store to find suitable replacements.

What is the device included in the care pack?

A 4G capable Telstra Essential plus Smartphone will be provided

edit, realfancyman might have a way around this website

Was a bit suspicious that the website went to the "ineligible" panel so quickly, so I had a look at the Network Tools to see if the input was actually submitted - and it wasn't. Turning off javascript and using "document.getElementsByName("CustomerSurveyForm")[0].submit();" in console to submit the form gets me this response:

Thank you. Your order has been submitted.

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  • Mobile number (Must be 10 digits and the same number that received the SMS)

    Targeted offer. No use without the SMS.

    • I have no idea how to flag it as targeted.

      With any luck, people might be able to trigger it by inserting their SIM into an older phone.


    Many Optus and Vodafone locked phones are 2100mhz/900mhz 3G only, so it might pay off to put your Telstra SIM into that and see if it triggers the offer.

    • Just to clarify, this wouldn't apply to phones currently locked to Optus and only to newly unlocked phones?

  • does that affect there wholesale..aldi/boost

    • Nope, not to my knowledge. Might work with Boost since it is same as Telstra retail.

      • Put a Boost SIM into an old Telstra 3G phone (900 / 2100) to see if it works😉

        Checked site…Unfortunately you are ineligible for this offer
        Hopefully will receive the SMS & try again.

  • This phone if anyone is curious that already has a good deal going here.

  • Activated a Telstra SIM I had floating around.

    Clicked the link, using that number, on the phone (BlackBerry Bold 9900, one of the listed devices that won't make the cut), got told I was ineligible.

    Rang the number you got there, sat on hold for just over 10 minutes, got a guy, talked him through it, he went off to get another dude, after just under 20 minutes it basically boiled down to this,

    "Dylan, I love BlackBerry too, but we're shutting down 3G in March next year, and you gonna need to upgrade your shit. Keep retrying the form and if you're eligible, it will hopefully work for you"

    So official advice of Telstra: Just keep trying until we give you a free phone.

    I've gotta hit the shops tomorrow anyway, so I might bop into the Telstra store and see if they have a clue, might end up skipping the 2 week delivery time if I'm lucky, fingers crossed.

    • Aren't you suppose to wait for the SMS?

    • Good luck and let us know how you go. :)

    • You must value your time over a 10 dollar phone

      • Yo, I was gonna sit still and watch YouTube for a couple hours anyway, may as well put the phone on hold to see if I can get some free shit while I do it.


      desperate Cel

    • Thought I'd try one last time before heading to bed, and out of instinct I used Opera Mini, rather than the built in browser on the BB as I did before, and it worked fine on that supposedly. Said I'll be getting a text when the phone is dispatched, and it should hit me within 2 weeks or so.

      Screengrabbing everything just to be on the safe side anyway if I get shit and have to deal with support down the line.

    • Checked my email and apparently I had a duplicate order, that has now been cancelled…it had no name or order number either. Weird.

      Rang Telstra up and he said yeah it's cancelled, I ask if the original was still going, he said yeah but had no real idea what the order was, which probably means the request didn't go through properly anyway.

      In any case. They record all their calls, don't they? I'll have them check their logs for the call I made at 13:20 on December 21 (writing it here for my own memory, tbh) confirming it should still be coming.

      Looks like there's gonna be some hoop jumping, boiz. I'm not even fibbing to the thing like some of the people below (though hat's off for figuring that one out, realfancyman), I'm doing it on a proper phone that they themselves have said won't be supported after March next year, so if I'm having issues, I can't imagine it will be perfect for everyone.

      • Got a message on the email from my first attempt yesterday, order's on it's way apparently, awesome.

        Here's hoping I get that same email on my second email, as I tried using a couple different ones last night to see if that was the problem. As much as I don't need multiple spares, if they're willing to throw them at me, I'm willing to take them. They gave me 3 Telstra TVs when I signed up to the internet a couple years back with them, didn't even want one of the things.

        • Can you throw one Telstra TV my way :p

          • @PvsNP: Passed 2 of them onto fellow OzB'ers a while back, gave the other to the old man to watch the Wolf Creek show on Stan. Sorry, dude.

            They were first gen anyway, supposedly pretty shit to use.

  • Also free in a roundabout way if you want a google home mini - the phone is $49 with a free home mini which is also worth about $49


  • I have a Vodafone wifi modem - from this deal which has my Telstra sim in it - from this JB hifi deal.
    Filled out the form but says I’m ineligible.

  • What does the text say?

  • Was a bit suspicious that the website went to the "ineligible" panel so quickly, so I had a look at the Network Tools to see if the input was actually submitted - and it wasn't. Turning off javascript and using "document.getElementsByName("CustomerSurveyForm")[0].submit();" in console to submit the form gets me this response:

    Thank you. Your order has been submitted.

    We will get in touch with you if we have any questions about your order.

    An SMS will be sent to the mobile number you provided when your order is dispatched. You should receive your order within 14 business days.

    • This is glorious, mate. And way to go Telstra! They should send their devs to a bootcamp or something.

    • I just did this with No script and Firefox console.

      Fingers crossed! :)

      • Worth a shot!

        • Did you get the shipping confirmation too?

          • @StrayfireX: I got a shipment confirmation today using this hack :)

            • @ozrex: How much time it took to receive the confirmation email?

              • @kvt: I got it the next day after it was shipped with a tracking number:

                Hi {First Name},

                Thanks for placing your order with the Telstra Online Shop – order no. {Entered Phone Number}.

                It’s on its way
                We've processed your order and it will be arriving soon. Our courier will deliver it to the address you gave us or, if that's not possible, to your local Post Office.

                You can Track Your Delivery here.
                (The status of your order will be available on the StarTrack website via this link, from 9pm on the day this message was sent to you)

                Security check
                You'll need to provide valid ID (e.g. driver's licence, passport) to the courier to complete the security check. If you paid for your new phone, tablet or other device when you ordered it, for additional security you’ll need to provide the same photo ID you used when you purchased online. Once the courier confirms your photo ID you can take delivery of your order.

                What if you’re not available?
                The courier will deliver your package to your local Post Office and leave you a calling card with the details. You have 10 days to collect your order, otherwise the Post Office will return it to our depot.
                Remember you’ll need to provide the necessary photo ID at the Post Office to complete the security check.

                Other purchases
                If you’ve purchased one of our bundled offers, data packs or other plans, you’ll find these are automatically added to the telephone account you specified at the time of your order.

                Thank you for shopping online at Telstra. If you have any other queries you can contact us on Twitter (requires a Twitter account), Facebook, CrowdSupport® or CrowdSupport for business (login required) or Live Chat 24 hours, 7 days. You can also manage your services online or on the go with the Telstra 24x7™ App for your personal iPhone®, iPad® or Android™ device, available from telstra.com/apps.

                See you online soon,

                Fiona Hayes

                Head of Consumer Service and Contact Centres

            • @ozrex: Shipment received today (Saturday), nice quick shipping Mr T. No free Google Home Mini bundled :(

          • @StrayfireX: Did u get the confirmation?

    • Thanks, I had fun learning how to do this in my browsers.

    • hi. can you please advise what is console and where to put that long text? i have microsoft lumia which is eligible devise, but still says ineligible :( Thanks.

      • I can't help you as I am not eligible (and so won't be trying) but I'm guessing that having more specific details such as an exact step to step guide would possibly put people's orders in jeopardy (ozbargain searches show very high on search engines and also any sudden influx in orders may cancel existing orders).

      • On Chrome right click and select inspect. There will be a tab across the top called console. Paste the text there and press enter.

    • I looked into it again now it's verified working, and you don't actually need to turn off javascript. Just fill out the form as normal, and to submit go to the url:


      • The inspect tab is grey / isn't selectable for me in chrome?

        Tried using Firefox console, got this message "TypeError: document.getElementByName is not a function

        Could it be the naming of the form? ie. "CustomerSurveyForm" is not correct?

        I get this from Firefox Inspector

        <iframe style="display: none; visibility: hidden;" src="https://3603226.fls.doubleclick.net/activityi;src=3603226;type=mt;cat=mt011;qty=1;ord=5152072007019370;gtm=2od170;auiddc=1932963161.1547856326;u4=;u5=78259405209482735801852980103743178326;u6=https%3A%2F%2Fsay.telstra.com.au%2Fcustomer%2Fgeneral%2Fforms%2F3G-network-update;u7=;u10=;u12=;u13=;u14=991191111911300.4;u17=;u19=https%253A%252F%252Fsay.telstra.com.au%252Fcustomer%252Fgeneral%252Fforms%252F3G-network-update%7Cundefined;u20=;u21=;u22=;u24=;u25=;~oref=https%3A%2F%2Fsay.telstra.com.au%2Fcustomer%2Fgeneral%2Fforms%2F3G-network-update?" width="0" height="0"></iframe>

        Any ideas? Cheers

    • still work?
      i got following:
      "optimisation.js:435 The page has already been loaded, can't write marker
      dynamite @ optimisation.js:435
      43G-network-update:1 Mixed Content: The page at 'https://say.telstra.com.au/customer/general/forms/3G-network-update' was loaded over HTTPS, but requested an insecure script 'http://www.telstra.com.au/misc/my-account-sorry-page.htm'. This request has been blocked; the content must be served over HTTPS.
      surveys.js?x=0.1810.0.2:414 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'submit' of undefined
      at Object.submitForm (surveys.js?x=0.1810.0.2:414)
      at HTMLButtonElement.onclick (3G-network-update:533)"

      am i done something wrong, or could you show us step by step?

    • Thanks to your real fancy eye and effective hack I scored a free Telstra 4G phone! Great job mate! You are a credit to the Ozb community! Happy New Year!

    • Thanks mate. I have a non-Telstra mobile and still got the shipment. Really I cant complain about the quality because it is completely free item!

      Unfortunately my partner's shipment arrived with a damaged phone with a broken screen. Thanks to Star-track. Any suggestion on how to get it replaced by Telstra because we are not subscribed to Telstra now?


  • Just did that for mine and partner's account, hoping for the best. :)


    care to share the trick with some detail?

  • I have old Telstra phone that takes the big SIM card. My present phone (unlocked) has a micro Telstra SIM. My question is how do I put my micro SIM card that I have at present and get it to work on the oldbig SIM card slot?

  • Just got shipping confirmation for my order.

  • Just followed readfancypants steps and it worked for me. Just waiting for the confirmation email to come through.

    • Still waiting for the one i processed for dad on friday night. Hopefully it turns up tomorrow.
      Also processed mine today with different details so see if one comes to me.

  • Also followed readfancypants instructions. Not confirmation email or text yet.

  • I get to the thank you message on the website. How long did it take for the confirmation email or text message to be received?

  • I didn't get a text nor was I originally targeted, am on Kogan mobile (Vodafone). And I got mine today :)

    • Wow so you put in a Kogan mobile number and it still have it to you?

      • sure do!

        It came in an orange Telstra starter pack box with the phone inside and some paperwork. Delivered via Startrak today and did @realfancyman's trick around midday friday

        ***edit: now i just need to find a cheap unlock code

    • Also on kogan mobile, did the @realfancyman's trick around 6 pm on Saturday, no confirmation email or text, nothing yet

      • to answer your questions above since it sounds like you haven't received yours from your questions above. You ordered Saturday.. they will have sent it out on Monday so you will probably get yours Wednesday or thursday latest since it ships out via startrak

  • Got mine this morning a bit before 8. Cheers, OP.

    Gonna try activating the new SIM in my old BlackBerry and seeing if I can snag another one.

  • Got one mine today …. }:)

  • got mine today too :)

    if you look on eBay it appears people have really taken advantage and these are selling for around 40 bucks shipped

  • Well the phone is too slow for my liking :(

  • The care pack came with a new sim, and outside it mentions a different mobile number.
    Is it possible to use that number, instead of my old one?
    Or Can I sell that number?

  • Mine was delivered today

  • Thanks @realfancyman looks like mine is waiting for collection too!

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