This was posted 3 years 2 months 24 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Telstra Essential Plus 4G + Free Google Home Mini $49 Delivered @ Telstra


Reduced from $99 with a free Google Home Mini thrown in.

Thanks to bdl this phone appears to be a slight variation of the Alcatel 1.


  • Immersive 4.95” 18:9 FWVGA+ (960 x 480) Colour screen
  • Social-ready Camera features
  • 5MP Rear camera with flash
  • 2MP Frontfacing camera with flash
  • Quad-core processor
  • Android Oreo GO edition
  • Colour: Black
  • Memory Size: 8GB
  • Includes a pre-paid SIM kit with $10 credit for calls and SMS

Free Google Home Mini with Any Android Phone/Tablet Purchase @ Telstra (GHM may not be included with the $39 Alcatel U3 online)

Also available:

Nokia 2.1 $99 (Was $149) + free GHM
Alcatel 1X $99 (Was $129) + free GHM
Samsung J2 Pro $129 (Was $179) + free GHM
Telstra Superior $169 (Was $199) + free GHM

All Prepaid Phones (Not all phones come with a free GHM, if one is included it will show at the checkout)

Edit: Regarding the $39 Alcatel U3 mentioned in the original promotion post. I asked a Telstra rep, who told me it was not included in the free GHM promotion.

Some people have succeeded in purchasing the U3 with the GHM in-store, others have not.

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  • +16

    I think it's more like paying $49 for GHM, and telstra throws in this POC as a bonus.

    Have 1 of this in my office as testing device, barely usable.

    • +1

      Good enough for my baby lullaby playback device.

      • +1

        just use the GHM to play back the baby lullaby. I would keep that phone far far away from my baby.

        • +2

          I use Apple Music unfortunately. And sometimes google mini might flare up if you trigger it.

    • +2

      Is the phone charger and cable any good ?

    • +11

      Good enough for a teenager punishment phone

    • Is this phone any good to use a 7/11 fuel hack device?
      Run the fake location app & 7/11 fuel app.

  • Unlock code available on Ebay for the Telstra Pre-Paid Essential Plus?

    • Seems there is only one option available on Ebay, for $20.

      Is this legal?

      • +1

        Probably Illegal. We do it all the time on Ozbargain. $20 is a bit expensive. And it's not a remote unlock service. I usually pay under $2/$3 for remote unlock service.

      • I couldn't find any other service for this phone though.

    • +2

      I can't find any unlock codes on the internet for this one

    • +1

      As per @bdl's link below, it's an Alcatel 1. Now, there are lots of unlocking options. May have a go at it.

      • +2

        Please report back if you do!

  • +2

    This appears to be merely a subset of this post:

    • +2

      It is, the Alcatel U3 3g is definitely available as part of this deal (I just bought one). even the online chat guy/girl/overlord said it was part of the same deal. I think someone just started a rumor that it was not eligible and that rumor took off. :P

      • So what're you using that phone as? How long will it take for the Google home mini to arrive haha?

        • +1

          bought it for my 5 year old to play fruit ninja/ train runner etc
          edit: and obviously so I could get the home mini. collected both at the counter.

          • @LinkMonkey: Nice! So bought online, collected in store in the span of an hour?

            • @drumrollplease: Think i see how you came to that conclusion, allow me to elaborate..

              I used Telstra's online chat to confirm the deal, as I was unable to see the GHM in my "cart" at purchase time. During this chat, the other party checked the stock of the nearest store (out of curiosity) and confirmed the deal was available in-store, I raised this issue because of a post here to the contrary.

              I then called the store to confirm and subsequently canceled the online purchase then went to the store instead, to save waiting a couple days.

              hope that helps

  • I assume this is locked to Telstra. Anyone know the best unlocked cheap phone for a non tech savvy pensioner? Around $100-150…

    • +1

      nokia 8110

    • You can buy an unlock code off ebay for most phones. I assume you'll be able to get one for this phone.

    • +1

      Aus post sells the big button phones for seniors around that budget.

      • +3

        He said pensioner, not fat fingered or limited sight.

      • +1

        Thanks, I know the ones you mean but looking for a cheap smart phone for someone that can work basic functions like email Facebook insta that doesn’t need an iPhone

    • Kogan as a phone, agora 9

  • Does this have a notification led & removable battery?

  • Band 28 :)

  • +1

    Might buy one for our little one . He keeps dropping our phones lol

    • +17

      Pro tip: don't buy your kid a phone

      • +1

        After all, the kid can always borrow one from the nice man in the raincoat on the platform when she needs to let you know she’s missed the train.

        • +2

          Intermediate tip: You shouldn't let your 4 year old ride on the train by themself.

  • Bit interesting all the rest prepaid phone links that I open says free bonus google mini on top but not this one, is this for sure that will phone come with GHM?

    • Yes, but don't pay unless it states it at the end of checkout.

  • Looks like this is in store too (advertised in their window). Actually works out really well as I need to buy a Google Home Mini today for work and the cheapest I can find anywhere is $79. Only problem is actually dealing with Telstra, the iPad guy at the front reckons it’s about an hour wait to speak to someone about it.

    • As in you can get both the Google home mini and phone immediately in store? That's awesome op, let us know how that goes lol

      • Yeah, got mine in store

  • Great stuff OP.
    Good size glovebox phone.

    • Why do you need a phone in your glovebox?

      • Because you cant fit a glove in your phone? Kidding.

        For gps maps, mp3, free wifi etc. When I havent got my good phone with me.

        • +1

          Why wouldn't you have your good phone?
          plus you would need to charge it regularly

        • Why not get one of the many battery packs feature on this website?

  • +3

    For anyone interested, the "Telstra Superior" is apparently an Alcatel 3V,Nokia-2...

  • Does Google assistant work with these fones? o.O

  • +1
    • Gizmodo says 2GB RAM, The Alcatel 1 specs from the link up top say 1GB. One wonders.

  • I'm getting an error saying my card could not be verified, anyone else?

    • +5

      PM me your card details and let me try ;)

      • +3

        Yeah sure. Nothing sus.

  • Can this phone be used as a cheap GPS?

    • Yes but the screen is shit and it'll be painfully slow.

      • +2

        How slow can it run the GPS and what amazing screen do you need to see the map and know when and where to turn?

  • +3

    Save yourself another $10, get the Alcatel U3 3g, prepaid for $39 also with free Google home mini

    as per this previous post

    according to the guy at the counter every android phone is eligible as long as you remember to ask.

    • is the phone locked to Telstra?

      • pretty sure yes, will confirm tonight when my kid opens it if you'd like. FWIW Telstra say they'll unlock it for $25 in 6 months to 2 years.

    • +1

      That $39 phone is rubbish. Makes the Essential Plus look like a flagship.

      • what are you on hahaha! Its basically the same phone with a bigger battery to compensate for the extra (nearly) one bigger inch screen.

        Both phones are exceedingly basic, no adult would actually buy either of these as a primary phone for themselves. its just a way to get a cheap google home mini.

        • +1

          1GB vs 512GB should make a difference.

          • -1

            @manic: 511.5GB of RAM is definitely a huge difference, in fact I haven't seen that much RAM in a machine outside a data center.

            If you intended to write 512Mb, then, are you suggesting the difference between rubbish and a flagship is 512Mb RAM ??

            There is definitely no benefit to buying the Essential Plus, at least not for an extra $10

        • Besides the ram difference, one is 4g and the other is 3g. I was torn between saving $10 or getting the slighter better phone even though it would more than likely sit in the draw. In the end i chose the $49 one as a just in case i ever need to use it least it has 4g.

          But i guess it just depends on the buyer , if never ever gonna use then buy the $39 but if possibility of using it get the $49

          I plan to give the Google Home Mini as Xmas present , and the simcard with the $10 credit will go to relative visiting oz. Phone itself will live in the draw or maybe car

    • Thanks for the Pic, I was wondering if the Charcoal colour could be grabbed in store as online seems to just only show the Chalk. Wish me luck, will venture into the wild to a Physical Store without first having Click and Collected :D :D

      • I know right! how stange is it out there..
        also, the two boxes/displays full of these (GHM) i saw were ALL charcoal, there may not be another option.

        god speed.. lol

      • Any updates? :o

    • +2

      Went instore, took 5 minutes to get one. No fuss, no hassle.
      The sales guy just grab a random color, got the charcoal one so definitely not just chalk that's available

  • +1

    what features do you like about google home seems like it will sit in the dust :O

    • +2

      for me the best feature is, while writing an essay, say "Hey Google, whats a synonym for (insert a word)?"

      • -2

        So the best feature is to save you 10 seconds of typing?

    • +4

      It's great in the kitchen for doing conversions for US measurements, reading out recipes, setting timers, playing music on spotify. You can also use it as a dinnerbell that alerts all other homes that dinner is ready.

      I have multiple and it's a cheap speaker system to play music in all rooms of the house.

      Also good for pausing/turning off the TV if you use a chromecast. Turning/Dimming the lights if you have smart lights. Alerting for visitors if you have a smart doorbell.

      • +1

        I second having a kitchen one, they're great for that. Apart from music, that's 90% of my usage.

        Yelling out groceries you need to replenish when you notice them running low and have a shopping list available on your phone when you're at the shops is awesome.

        Setting multiple named timers is useful if you have a few things going at once. "your garlic bread is done", "your pasta is done"

  • +1

    Immersive like IMAX, its 16m by 22m, shrunk down to 4.95".

  • Ordered


  • So this is probably a stupid question:

    Since I'm sure that I'm the only one who's thought of re-selling the phone on eBay, which phone is more likely to sell?
    (That is, if I can get the U3 for $39…)

    Anyways, I'm heading to my local Telstra shortly, and will update.

    • Well I just went into my local store, and while they did have the Alcatel U3, the guy told me that they haven't been given the list yet from Telstra of which phones are included in this promotion.

      Not very impressed TBH.

  • +7

    Use these shitty phones with the included SIM to collect all the sign up bonuses for Uber, Deliveroo, etc. They pay for themselves.

  • +1

    bought one from telstra store corner of george st and king st sydney

  • +1

    Would an ALDI SIM card work in Telstra pre-paid phone?

    • I'd like to know as well

      • -1

        Yes it does, Boost also works.

        • Wow Thanks!

          • +2

            @phunkydude: Yes, some phones are locked to the network, some more strictly.
            I tried belong and no luck, prompts for unlock code.

        • "crazycs" have you tried it personally yourself, or assuming because earlier different model Telstra Prepaid Phones have worked that you know off or tried yourself?

          • +1

            @ozhunter68: Not on this phone. But on the 1X my Boost and Aldi SIMs work.

            • @crazycs: That's what I thought. As they say "The devil is in the details", especially with technology lol.

        • +3

          I received this phone today and got my ALDI SIM card inserted. It DOES NOT work!

  • I know zero about android - I need an android phone or tablet to plug into my OBD2 port on my car for diagnostic work. Is this android phone suitable for that task assuming I have the right cable?

    • +1

      No cable needed, just a $5 OBD2 bluetooth dongle for your car. (iPhone bluetooth is crippled so they need wifi)

      Yes, this phone will be fine for diagnostics, though the cheap screen will not be easily viewable while driving.

      • Thanks mate don't need screen to be viewable when driving - mainly need it to flash tune the DME and transmission

  • I went to the Telstra store at Waverley Gardens and they would not match the online price of $39 for the Alcatel U3, but were willing to provide the Google Home Mini for the original price of $69 of the phone.

  • +2

    Phone is a:
    * Alcatel 5033T
    * Mediatek MT6739, 4-core 1275 MHz ARMv7
    * 1GB ram, 8GB flash
    * SD slot ; Micro-B usb, No OTG.
    * Android 8.0 Go.
    * Has Bluetooth LE.
    * "4GX" (ie band 28 LTE?)
    * network locked, will not work with Belong, ALDI etc.


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