This was posted 1 year 11 months 6 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Free Google Home Mini with Any Android Phone/Tablet Purchase @ Telstra


From their latest catalogue starting on Tuesday 30th October 2018, receive a free Google Home Mini with the purchase of ANY android device, including the Alactel U3 3G $39 prepaid Android phone. It's available with any Prepaid, plan, phone or tablet.

Mod: OP is associated with Telstra (did not declare it initially)

Edit 30/10: The Alcatel U3 doesn't have Google Home Mini appear in checkout online like the others, although online chat informed a user that it is eligible they were also able to be purchase in store with the free Google Home Mini. Your experience may vary. Alternative: Telstra Essential Plus 4G $49.

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  • Link to $39 Android phone?

  • Can you post an image or evidence of the catalogue please OP?

  • If you can find some use for the Android phone, this is an even better deal than ebay plus…

  • Does this include online purchases? Or is the deal instore only.

  • *citation needed

  • Sounded good,
    but after looking at those phones, nothing appeals, even with the free GHM.
    The $39 phone has 512MB of ram, among other faults, so is worthless to most of us.

    The $299 Oppo might be good value, if you can live without the convenience of NFC for phone-pay.

  • What's the cheapest prepaid plan?

  • Does this include the $20 Telstra Pre-Paid simplicity recharge?

  • I new they'd start giving these things away for free soon. It will happen more and more often as time goes on and there is competition from various other data collectors - amazon alexa, samsung hub etc

  • Can you buy their tablets outright somewhere?

  • I wish I could buy the Pixel 3 outright from them 😭

  • Personally I want every word said in my house collected and stored by Google.

  • +6 votes

    Any link/pic for catalogue? How will this be available, in-store with mini available at purchase time?

    • Just checked, still showing at $69 online.

      • Same here, curious to know if this is active today…or at all lol. I can find the link for the free mini, but cheapest phone is $64?!/filter/brand//os/android/features//plan/s/sort/featured%23plans-grid

  • It seems to be available only on postpaid plans

    Unless someone post a legit link for the offer

  • Link to offer:
    Available with prepaid.
    Seems Alcatel u3 is not eligible.
    The discount if any applies only when you click 'buy online'

  • Doesn’t appear to be with tablets either.

  • Confirmed this deal over the phone, Alcatel U3 3g, prepaid for $39 with free GH mini.
    Also available, Telstra essentials plus for $49.

    Purchased in store, image of receipts

    FWIW, comes with $10 credit

    • Interesting… just did online chat with Telstra.

      First he said it is included, but then checked again and said that it's actually not?

      Go figure

      • very interesting, I tried online chat before going into the store. online chat was adamant that (even though not listed) the GHM would arrive in the same package as the phone.

        I then called the nearest store to confirm, and they said it was legit, so I went in.

        • Well I just went into my local store, and while they did have the Alcatel U3, the guy told me that they haven't been given the list yet from Telstra of which phones are included in this promotion.

          Not very impressed TBH.

        • Went in again today, and was there for about 20 minutes.

          First I asked about the U3, to which they said that it would cost $49 with the GHM, as it needs to be a $49 minimum spend on the phone to be entitled to the GHM.

          So I figured that I may as well pay the $49 but get the Essentials Plus (better specs?), but it was listed in the shop at $99. So they had to verify that indeed it was $49…

          Ended up getting the Essentials Plus + GHM for $49.

          You must have been lucky I guess!

  • Are they unlocked? or locked to Telstra? If so, any cheap unlock key?

  • See new post. The $49 phone has merit.

  • Yay, got my free mini! Went in-store, but note sone stores have limited pre paid choices. Cheapest I could find was the $49 Telstra Essential Plus. Stil a cheap Google Mini!

  • Can always get a GHM around the $50 mark when ebay does their codes. In store, Aldi has two of them for $100 so works out to $50 per GHM. Get a free phone in the bargain.
    Edit: now if someone can post the exact steps for getting the $39 phone deal!

  • Just for information, I ordered a U3 online and it didn't come with a Google Home Mini. Will get online and chat with CS.

  • Don't quite understand why people will buy this $39 or $39 phone other than buying the GHM for cheaper price. If you are going to use it, it is a good value. If we are to sale it, how much the GHM is gonna worth ? The same price ? Will anyone use the phone ?

  • Thanks, got the Telstra Essentials Plus for my Dad to replace his really old Telstra phone which has been playing up lately. He only uses it for calls and text so this will be fine for him.

  • I purchased the Alcatel $39 phone and got the Google Home Mini also (Telstra Chermside, Brisbane) I purchased two & have no need for the phones so am wrapping them today to put under the KMART Christmas Donation Tree. As I paid cash the phones are not linked to me and can be activated by the receiver according to Telstra Chermside. Two Google Home minis for $78.00 I’m a happy camper.



    There are no unlock codes for Alcatel phones, tried different 6 companies, it just can’t be done.
    Nokia can be easily unlocked for 12$

  • Went in-store (Telstra Chatswood) thinking I would get the $49 Telstra Essential Plus phone because the $39 Alcatel seemed to be too good to be true (not part of the promo online).

    I asked the salesperson about the promo and they were adamant that the Minis were free with ANY Android phone. So I asked, even the $39 Alcatel? And they must have thought I was slow or something because they repeated, AANNNYY Android phone. Ok then…

    Got 2 of the $39 Alcatels

    Thanks OP

  • Anyone can comment if they use the $49 phone ? Is it very laggy to use Facebook, Instagram, taking selfie?

  • Two questions:

    The $10 SIM with the phone talks about calls and SMS, but the $10 SIM on the Telstra site talks about 4GB of data for 7 days. Anyone know what it comes with, and expiry?

    What the quickest/cheapest way to get it unlocked so it can be taken overseas (since they started spying in customs it seems sensible to have a disposable 'overseas' phone).