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Telstra $45pm for 12m with 50GB & $200 JB Gift Card or $65pm for 24m with 80GB & $300/$500 Credit for Phone Purchase @ JB Hi-Fi


This is an update of the offer described here
With more bonus data.
Was in store today and they advised just updated last night, and to go into store for offer!

For new or port only, not for existing Telstra customers.

Note: The $200 & $300/$500 gift card deal is for new or port in customers (as already stated). However existing customers are still eligible for the extra double data on both plans and are also eligible for $300 credit for a phone purchase on the $65 BYO. Thanks BenTennyson.

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  • Anyone who's still wanting this offer, I got the $200 jb gift card and $10 port in discount (by contacting live chat). It brought it to $35/month for 50gb. Pretty stoked 👍

    • I'm paying $39 for 50gb. (And the JB hifi card) Best I could do.

      I was about to buy the Megaboom 3 at $124 with the GC and was too slow to get there unfortunately.

      • $39 is till good eh. I'm just glad there's no expiry on the gift card. Hopefully I can hold out till black friday sales. ;)

    • I tried with like 5 Telstra agents and none of them would give me the $10 discount. Did you do anything special?

      • (Me): Thanks for your help, now my other thing was that I just signed up to Telstra today and I was told there was a $10 a month port in discount. Could you help to apply that for me?
        Jireh: Yeah sure.
        (Me): Thank you
        Jireh: May I know what plan you have in mind ready? :)
        (Me): Oh I already signed up in store at JB hi-fi and they said to contact live chat to have it applied to my plan.
        Jireh: Let me check that up here. Hold on a bit please. :)
        (Me): Thanks
        Jireh: Alright, sorry to keep you waiting. :)
        (Me): All good
        Jireh: I have verified it hear and yes you're absolutely eligible for a $10 port in discount.
        (Me): Great thanks

        Then he went on to send me the updated cost plan which had $10 applied. I don't know if I just got lucky on the first shot. Hope it helps :)

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