Custom Printed USB Flash Drives

Hi Everyone.

I am looking at getting around 25 custom printed usb flash drives either 2gb or 4gb
Looking for the credit card style most of all. Sort of like this:

Where would you suggest for the best value?

Thank you for any help.


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    Try AliExpress for cheapest prices but keep in mind postage costs from China can be excessive.

    I get mine from here:

    Good luck

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    Just keep in mind that 90%+ of these will be reformatted straight away - the credit card sized ones are a pain and won't be used again, whereas a normal but branded one will still be putting your logo in front of people.

    Credit card ones are also a bugger to fit in next to other in use USB ports!


      Agree with this. I have one of those credit card ones lying around somewhere that never gets touched.


    this aliexpress seller does customised USB sticks that have a wooden "flip out" cover.

    4gb for ~AU$4 delivered


    i haven't bought from them but feedback is pretty positive. plus real wood looks nice