adidas Ultra Boost ST Equivalent?

Hi, after trying a few different ultraboost variants i think the st is the best suited for me. However, it looks quiet ugly compared to others. Any ultraboost st equivalent in Nike or other brand? Also anyone experiencing "knee uncomfort" after wearing ultraboost (caged or uncaged) for more than 8 hours? Thanks much in advance.



    First of all, do you really need "ST", i.e. stability feature with medial post to prevent over-pronation? If you don't, then you should be looking for neutral shoes, which would widen up the selection.

    NIKE's equivalent would probably be NIKE Air Zoon Structure. Not many colourways unfortunately, and rarely on sale. You can also check RunningWarehouse's Support Running Shoes sales page — lots of brands and models there.


      Thanks for your reply. All i feel is i got knee discomfort after 8-9 hours in my regular ultraboost but not in the ST version. Went to athletes foot and they said i have flat ish foot. Thinking to get otrho insoles forbmy regular ultraboost. :)

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        Knee pain? Likely PFPS.

        See a physio, strengthen your glutes, fix your squat pattern. Unless you’ve got massive over-pronation of your feet (flat feet) then your shoes won’t make much of a difference.


          Thanks for advise. Not knee pain but discomfort. Disappear after stop standing a while but yes ur right. Should see physio or osteo. Thanks

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