expired Riviana Basmati Rice Pakistan Long Grain 5kg. $9.50 (Was $19.00) @ Woolworths

  • AAA quality

  • Non stick

  • Silky sortex clean double polished

  • Quality guaranteed

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    Any one had a good experience cooking them?

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      No personal experience but have heard bad reviews from a friend and also read bad comments on previous deals for this rice on OZBargain.


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      We use this brand regularly. It's perfectly ok for our needs cooked in a Tiger rice cooker- we're australian born so not necessarily experts. It's Basmati so don't expect to be eating stickier, starchier short grain rice like you get in Chinese restaurants…..


        Basmati rice is supposed to have a different texture, length and taste which I didnt find in these rice.
        But you are right they are not the short grain and sticky rice you find in chinese restaurants


      Woolies home brand basmati $14 are much better


      Never had a problem, I use absorption method: 1 cup of rice, two cups of water, bring to boil put fire down to minimum and cook for 7 minutes. Then rest for 3 or 4 minutes lid on.

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    Crap quality rice. Spend a bit more and get better ones (e.g. India Gate)


    These are not at par with the 'basmati' quality as per my experience.

    The nice ones and worth a shot are India Gate, Dawat and Lal Qilla. A cheaper option could be from company 'Lehar' (apologies dont remember the brand), can be found in common Indian stores.


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    Rice can't be good or bad. Its depends on the usage.

    You can't eat Basmati everyday its contains lots of Sugar and due to export quality they are highly polished to make them look good.

    if you are after best rice quality, try to find old rice; you can find south east of melbourne. Brand doesn't matter.

    For day to day use, try to use rice from South East Asia (Jasmine) or South India (Sona Masori). Small grain but have less sugar compared to Basmati rice.



      Jasmine rice has a glycemic index of 68-80. Foods with a glycemic index of 70 or lower are preferred in the diet of diabetics due to their slower absorption which prevents large spikes in blood sugar after consumption. … Basmati rice, for example, has a relatively low glycemic index of 59.



      Good suggestions but taste matters


    They don't call Basmati the Prince of rice for nothing….like anything,just buy the better quality product.Don't know about this sugar business btw….


    Get the better one India Gate Exotic 5kg for less than $10..at costco. My second asian wife loves it.