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Panasonic Lumix G7 + 14-42mm + 45-150mm + 25mm f/1.7 Lenses $750 Delivered @ Digital Camera Warehouse


Excellent price for the Panasonic G7 + 3 lens kit.

Cheaper than buying the camera and lenses 2nd hand.

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    This is a great deal! I have been using this camera for 2 years. Before this, I used Nikon D40 -D80.

    The sensor is smaller than DSLR as it is a micro four third. But, it is light and has good picture quality.

    Also, highly recommend it as it comes with 25mm f/1.7.

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    I think this is a great deal for someone who upgrades from a mobile phone, or even an older DSLR with a kit lens.


    I was thinking of buying the Olympus OMD M10 Mk3 + 12-40mm (second hand, roughly same price) before this popped up, does anyone who knows more about cameras know which is the better buy?

    I shoot mostly in the 35-90 equiv range, street and portraits. Video isn't really important.

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      For IQ, both cameras are very similar with the Olympus generally having more appealing colour rendering. The G7 has a logical menu system and is completely customisable with all the function buttons. The flip-out screen is also handy for shooting awkward angles.

      The 12-40 is a fantastic lens; 2.8 aperture is great, super sharp at all focal lengths lens and has a snap-back focus ring to very quickly switch from auto to manual focus. Although a bit bulky, it basically never leaves my camera. This would pretty much cover your entire shooting range, so minimal changing of lenses.

      With the G7 kit, the standout lens is the 25 f1/1.7 which would be great for street photography and general portraits and in the middle of your shooting range. It is also a good general walk-about lens. I'd say the 45-150 is too telephoto for you so you could sell it on eBay and recover costs. The 14-42 is nothing to write home about.

      In terms of better buy, if you like shooting with primes (smaller kit, faster lens, makes you move with your feet more) then G7 would be a better buy. If you prefer having one do-it-all lens (that is also amazing at the same time), the Olympus with 12-40 would be the better buy.


    Looks good deal. Found comparison with Nikon 5600 https://cameradecision.com/compare/Panasonic-Lumix-DMC-G7-vs...


    Just bought one. Thanks OP.

    Even the guy who served me said these were a damn steal at this price. He also said that this deal was on at Christmas time, a $100 more, but they didn't sell. This is all excess stock from then and are selling them below cost. Good for us!


    Think I'm going to pull the trigger on this one. Need a camera for good stills and videos and after a lot of research this seems a great budget do it all camera. Was ready to buy the Canon M50 when it was discounted a month ago but I think with the additional lenses (especially the 25mm) this is a great deal.