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Actually, I came here for the comments Ha ha
13/07/2024 - 23:08
Honestly I don't care about the poster. I found it ridiculous because how unrealistic you came across, saying we should respect the week…
13/07/2024 - 22:26
If I was insulting and attacking you, you'd definitely know it. That was a bit of light hearted fun to point out how ridiculous some of the…
13/07/2024 - 21:45
>Even my post and myself were systematically pulled apart and attacked just because I want to learn more about our indigenous cultures…
13/07/2024 - 21:12
pufffdragon was awarded a badge.
12/07/2024 - 08:52
>because white people have historically been the oppressors, not the oppressed Wow, did you get a history lesson from watching a tik tok…
12/07/2024 - 08:52
Explain how and why?
11/07/2024 - 22:04
So you're telling me you are sitting down with the local tribe in your area and learning a new language?
11/07/2024 - 21:52
A typo
11/07/2024 - 21:49
Still, it was the most entertaining post of the week.
11/07/2024 - 21:39
You bought some then?
11/07/2024 - 21:36
>Feel free to learn a new language native to Australia, or look up who the native clan is in your area. You talk like a politician. Also…
11/07/2024 - 21:32
You obviously missed the Trump coffee beans post. Most of the snowflakes are still in there shaking because of orange man.
11/07/2024 - 21:21
Forget the calendar. Spend a night in Alice Springs and get back to me.
11/07/2024 - 21:19
Hmm, I can smell the freedom.
08/07/2024 - 17:25
Unfortunately the dementia blend isn't so popular.
08/07/2024 - 13:59
You know TDS is real when a harmless coffee post has so many negs.
08/07/2024 - 13:57
You must be referring to the illegal aliens
08/07/2024 - 13:44
Awesome,thanks for the reply. I didn't even know kogan did internet until your comment.
27/06/2024 - 21:54
There's 3 speakers in the pic. How cannot it not be 2.1?
24/06/2024 - 22:17
Gerry is worth about 5 billion. Doubt he's losing anything.
23/06/2024 - 16:48
Did you use the same exetel modem for kogan? Edit: Can you switch over to kogan during your 30days notice to exetel? Never sure on how that…
22/06/2024 - 14:09
Anyone know anything about TPGs current 5G Broadband offers? Is there any downsides not being HFC connected? 100/15 $54.99 for 6 months…
14/06/2024 - 23:45
How the hell have you kept the price at $60? I've been with them for four years. Started at $59, then $69 and now they're asking for $79 by…
14/06/2024 - 00:51
Hey, only my wife was meant to make me feel guilty. Lol What's a boost for profit sims? Google is just telling me it's a video game.
24/05/2024 - 15:31
I've got $1400 saved up in flybuys. Been years in the making though. Missus wants to spend it. I'm keeping it for a Ps5 pro. Tell me I'm…
23/05/2024 - 22:46
In that scenario, how is the monthly insurance payed if you can't work?Surely they still want that out of you.
29/04/2024 - 16:02