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Silicon Power 1TB A55 SATA3 2.5" SSD $169 Pickup or + Delivery @ Umart


Not sure about postage but not a bad price for 1TB SSD.

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  • After including delivery it's cheaper from newegg for $181.98

    Postage to same postcode as umart headquarters is $29 so a minimum cost of $198 from umart

    cheaper only if you can pickup

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    $41 standard postage to Metro Sydney. Go to hell!

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      It should arrive via a virgin camel, wrapped in silks. Are these the guys that charge handling as well? Either way, no dice.

    • Pick up is no better unless you're willing to wait a couple of weeks (from my experience)

  • Samsung or this not much in the price.

  • How does this compare to the 860 Evo?

  • I've just tried to buy a MacBook for my 85 yo mother from UMART. What a fiasco!!! Stuffed around for three days. They allege the credit card is likely stolen, they ignore the fact that the transaction went through immediately, they fail to give you the courtesy of a call or read your emails, their call centre and so called managers are in the Philippines and can only cite the same theme over and over, really! This faceless company should be chastised and avoided based on my experiences. Don't waste your time.

    • You're lucky someone picked up.. I didn't reach anyone and the number to the local store went unanswered too. I waited 2 weeks for the item i ordered to be delivered to the store near me (so that it could be picked up). Everytime i wrote to the email help, i'd get an answer a day later saying its still shipping. I finally decided to drive to the store anyway after 2 weeks (and to cancel the order if it hadn't reached) and lo and behold, it was there already. A bit of a shocker getting this kind of experience from a site that has so many branches - i'd have thought they'd be better.

      While i did get my product, I'm a little hesitant to shop here again

      • Umart was good back in the day (early 2000's) but it has gradually gone downhill since then. Now they have call centres in the Philippines? Yikes. Not what it once was.