Valentine's Day Plush Dog/Pug/Dalmatian/Schnauzer $1.25, Heart Bear $2, Elephant/Lion $2.50, Plush Bear-Grey $3.75 @ Big W


Its not too late.. :)

Many More Here

Say I love you with the Valentine's Day Plush Dog. This adorable soft plush holds a sparkly heart featuring embroidered text that reads 'Love'.

Product Features:

Soft plush dog
Sparkle heart detail
Stands approximately 16cm tall

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    15/02/19 @ 10:15pm

    too late mate

    • +7 votes

      Its still going on as Weekend started & now is the chance. ;-)
      Can be used at any occasion this month or next year :D

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    • +1 vote

      No, it's too early for 14/02/2020


    Almost cost price out of the factory


    All seems to be

    75% off

    Pretty standard for after the occasion merchandise such as this. I think they do same for Christmas also. Probably easter and fathers day and mother's day also.

    I wonder how long until 90% off, if still stock left.

    Great to save for birthday gift as a little add-on gift (not as the main birthday gift).

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    My wife and I couldn’t find a babysitter on Thursday, but could on Friday. So we postponed our Valentines Day to Friday. Popped into Big W for some bargain presents. Wife never needs to know.

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    Valentines day for ozbargain member falls on Saturday the 16th….14th for the rest of the world

  • +2 votes

    Time to stock up for next year.


    Their online availability tor pick up is crap. I placed an order for 3 different and they cancelled this morning.


    They hv Cancelled my collection order :/

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